Sunday, September 30, 2018

[Wrap-Up] September 2018

Wrap-Up for September 2012

Phew this month was crazy busy! I know I've said this every month for the last few months, but this one... this was the craziest of them all!

Leading up to the wedding on the 7th, I was a total mess of anxiety. But then before I knew it, our wedding had come and gone! It was such an amazing day. We really lucked out with the weather and we had so much fun!

I am planning to do a quick post to share some of my favorite photos, so stay tuned if you'd like to see more!

After the wedding, we had a short staycation where we got to spend a lot of time with our friends from Illinois as we showed them around our area! We took them to Hampton (NH), Rye Beach (NH), York (ME), Salem (MA), Portsmouth (NH) and a few places in-between. It was SO difficult saying goodbye to them at the end of their trip. I really hope Alex and I can fly out to visit them again soon!

The week I returned to my full-time job post-wedding, I had to go to Oshawa in Canada to visit a member. Landing at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport was interesting! To get off that little island we had to take a ferry. It was the quickest ferry ride I have ever taken; it just took 54 seconds to get across! This trip was a day trip where I was up and out by 4am and I didn't get back home until 10pm. It was a great trip, but try tiring of course. Especially because I do not like flying... so the anxiety from that totally zapped me.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

That same week that I returned to work, we had a team building day where our team was split up into three groups and then we all spent the morning doing three escape rooms. My team got out of two out of the three! We didn't get out of the first one, but I'm sure if we had done that one second or third that we would have.

Granite State Escape Room

And of course, that same week, I also restarted work for my side jobs. I was busy playing a bit of catch up, but it was so nice to get back into the swing of things!

Without further delay, let's dive in to my monthly wrap-up!

My Reading Breakdown for September:

Monthly Musings:
  • Watching
      • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017 Film)
        • I went into this one slightly hesitant. I'll admit, I was super nervous about how modernized they were making this. I'm so happy to say that I was very pleasantly surprised! The storyline was wonderfully modern and interesting. And oh my goodness, the actors in this film did such a GREAT job! They all need awards for this one!! Alex and I were laughing throughout the entire movie. I highly recommend it! This is one we added to our "To Buy" list immediately after watching. 5/5
      • Operator (2016 Film)
        • Phew! This was intense! I love Mae Whitman so much! She did such a wonderful job in this film. Martin Starr was great as well! You could definitely guess what was going to happen with the storyline, but this film was quite eerie and sad nonetheless! 4/5
      • Love, Simon (2018 Film)
        • I almost didn't give this one a go because I wasn't a huge fan of the book, but I'm so glad I did! This is another case where I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book! 4/5
      • Atypical, Season 2 (Netflix Series)
        • I just adore this show. Season two was even more awesome than season one! I can't wait to see what happens next! 5/5
      • The Good Place, Season 2 (TV Show)
        • I didn't like this season as much as the first (that bar was set pretty high!), but it was still a lot of fun to watch! 4/5
      • Coco (2017 Film)
        • I FINALLY got around to watching Coco! What a lovely movie! I really enjoyed the overall storyline and the animation and colors were amazing! 4/5
      • I, Tonya (2017 Film)
        • This one was difficult to watch... but the actors did a great job! Definitely one I would recommend watching, but I wouldn't watch it again. 3/5
    • Playing: 
      • It finally happened. I lost steam with Marvel Strike Force... I struggled to enjoy my time playing early this month, and I finally had to just uninstall the app.
    • Drinking:
      • Phew, there was quite a bit of drinking this month! There was just so much to celebrate!
      • Kendall from my book club gifted me a very tasty bottle of champagne that Alex and I drank one afternoon at his parents.
    Bottle of Bubbly

      • I did not one, but TWO LaBelle wine tastings this month... One with the ladies from Illinois, family, and my best friend and her husband that traveled out here for the wedding. The second was with the gents from Illinois.
    Wine tasting at LaBelle

    Wine tasting at LaBelle in Portsmouth
      • While on our staycation after the wedding, we popped into a great local pizza shop called the Flying Saucer Pizza Company. They had a killer drink list! One of them was called the Captain America... so of of course I had to get one! And yes, that is a Marvel scarf that I'm wearing :)
    Drinking the Captain America drink at Flying Saucer Pizza Company 
    Captain America drink at Flying Saucer Pizza Company
      • Also on the same trip to Salem, MA, I had a really delicious Genmaicha tea! I need to get some of this to have at home!
    Genmaicha tea at Kokeshi
      • On my trip to Canada, my director and I stopped in to a local brewery and I had a delicious raspberry beer! I SO wish this was available locally here in NH!
    Common Good Beer Company Raspberry beer

    • Looking forward to: 
      • I just love October! So I'm definitely looking forward to this month!
    • Monthly bookish related haul:
      • I finally ordered myself a spoon that I had been eyeing for a couple years!
    tea spoon

    September Book Of The Month
      • I also got some surprise book mail from Bloomsbury this month! I can't wait to give this one a read!
    Bloomsbury A Little Tea Book book mail
      • I also received my very first OwlCrate box! It was a limited edition run, and when I got the email notifying fans of the theme, I just couldn't help myself...
      • Here are some other items that I snagged this month. I cannot wait to dive into all of the books! And that t-shirt is definitely one of my new favorites!

    • Book Club:
      • This month was so busy I missed both of my book clubs :(

    In Case You Missed It

    Thanks for reading!
    How was your month? Have any special plans for October? I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below!


    1. Congrats on the wedding!! I would definitely love to see more photos :)

      That spoon is adorable! So cute. And all those books look amazing too. I'm excited to read Lies, it sounds brilliant.

      Happy October Erica!

      1. Thank you!! :) Hopefully I'll have that post up sometime this week :-D

        And right?! I can't believe I waited so long to order the spoon! Gotta love Etsy!

        Ah! I can't wait to see what you think of Lies! Another of my blogging friends recently posted raving about it, so I'm excited to dive in!

        Happy October to you as well!

    2. Everyone seems to be reading Vicious. I'm glad you had a a great month! You can check out my wrap up at Girl Who Reads

      1. It's so darn good! I'm 94 pages into Vengeful now and I'm loving it!! Thanks for leaving your link! <3

    3. Can't wait to see the post on your wedding pictures! Have a great October :)

    4. Congrats on the wedding - that a beautiful photo!

      Plus, the picture from the airport is a great one, too. Glad to hear you enjoyed Coco and Love, Simon. :)

      1. Thank you! <3 Oh my gosh, those movies were both so lovely!!

    5. Congrats on the wedding. I love books but I love when my blogging friends share personal things about their lives! Looks like a busy month with some wonderful events.

      1. <3 That's so good to hear! I love when my blogging friends share personal bits as well! It's so fun to get to know everyone on a deeper level than just their reading tastes!

    6. Congrats on your wedding! You look beautiful and I can't wait to see more of your photos. My friend loves Atypical - I still need to watch it. And yay for watching Love, Simon. It's so good. I still need to see the new Jumanji movie AND Coco. :)


    7. Congrats!!! Awesome pics of you guys- glad you had a wonderful day and a nice visit afterward w/ friends as well! I'm not a big fan of flying either so I can relate to not being excited about that. And escape rooms- I keep hearing about those but haven't done one- they sound kinda fun?

      The Flying Saucer Pizza Company sounds like my kind of place lol. And congrats too on the book blurb!

      1. Thank you! It was certainly a great day!! :-D

        I think escape rooms are great, but they are stressful! I think I get too competitive.

    8. I have no idea how you were able to do all that whilst getting married!! Congratulations Mrs. Metcalf! <3

      1. I've been wearing myself a little thin... lol! Here's to hoping October is a slow month!! And thank you! <3

    9. Congrats on the wedding. The pictures are awesome. I know it had to be such a special day. We've been married 26 years so I kind of consider myself an old pro by now. I love that Captain America drink - so awesome looking. Was it fruity? I'm curious. It looks like it would taste fruity. You kept very busy in September so I hope you get to kick back and enjoy October at a little more slower pace.

      1. Thank you! <3 It was a lovely day! I cannot wait to get photos printed! Aww, congratulations!! And yes! It was a bit fruity, but VERY strong!!

    10. Honestly, you have had the *best* month! Congratulations!
      Cora |

    11. Congrats on the wedding. :-D It sounds like you had a fun month, even if it was a bit hectic.

    12. Congratulations to you both and many happy years ahead! I want to see Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle and I Tonya. Soon I hope! I'd love to try flavoured beer though I barely drink anything these days!

      1. Thank you! <3 I would love to hear what you think about those two movies!!

    13. Your wedding is so pretty! Congratulations! It sounds like you’ve been busy. I hope October is a calmer month for you. I just bought Vengeful yesterday, so hopefully we both like it.

      Aj @ Read All The Things!

    14. Love the wedding photo of you and your husband! And a belated congratulations on your wedding! A 54 second ferry ride? That just makes me laugh. :) Hooray for the Love, Simon movie! I loved the book and also thought is was a wonderful adaptation.

      1. Thank you! <3 And right?! It was so short. They should have built a bridge! lol!

    15. YOU LOOKED SO PRETTY! I can't wait for your wedding post!! I am happy you were able to have a good staycation with everyone that visited E! I am so ready to see all the wedding photos <3

    16. What a whirlwind of a month! Congrats on getting married - you look beautiful and sooo happy!

    17. What a gorgeous photo! I'm so happy for you guys. :)

    18. Super impressive stats for wedding month! Congratulations are in order too ;)

    19. I can't wait to see more wedding pictures, you look gorgeous! So glad you had a great day! OMG, I loved the new Jumanji movie!

      1. <3 Thank you so much!! And oh my goodness, it's SO funny!!

    20. Oh my goodness I absolutely love the looks of your hair on your wedding day. Gorgeous! You both look so happy and congratulations. I'm going to have to check out the post with the other photos. You did so much traveling and exploring with your friends and also for work which must have been so much fun. I also really loved Coco when I saw it recently too and I didn't really love the new Jumanji and thought it was okay. Hopefully I'll watch Love, Simon this month. :D

      1. Thank you!! I'm SO glad I went with a style like that. I almost went with my hair down and slightly curled... but that would have totally hidden the best part of my dress!!

        Oh! I'd love to hear your thoughts on Love, Simon! Enjoy!!

    21. Congratulations on your wedding. You both make such a lovely couple. And I am glad you had a nice visit with your friends. I wish you much laughter, love and many happy memories. I am sorry The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock didn't work for you. That's one I've been wanting to read. Looks like you got some great book mail this past month! I hope you have a wonderful October, Erica.

      1. Thank you so much! <3 I hope you have better luck with that book than I did :) I know a bunch of people that LOVED it!