Friday, December 1, 2017

[Wrap-Up] November 2017

Wrap-Up for November 2017

My goodness, this year has flown by! I feel like summer just began, I blinked, and now here we are... December 1st! 

November was a strange month. Lot's of stress and craziness, but also a lot of fun! 

One highlight of my month was going wedding dress shopping! The day began with a lovely brunch with my future sister in law, Alexandra, which really helped get me excited for the day. The first shop that we went to wasn't all that exciting... They kept bringing me dresses in a style that I just I didn't care for, even though I had said that I really don't know what style I want and therefore wanted to try on lots of different styles. The dresses they had me try on were also all WAY over budget. 

On the way to lunch after the first shop, I was feeling a bit down, but my crew cheered me up! Then we headed to the second shop... Now that place was perfect! They let me and my I Do Crew wander the aisles and pick out anything that we wanted to try. The very first dress I tried on was incredible, so we put it aside. I tried on a few others, and had it narrowed down to two. I put on the first dress again, and said yes to the dress! 

Alex and I also booked our wedding DJ and he's been working with us to nail down some details. We're having so much fun listening to music and considering certain songs for specific parts of the ceremony and reception. We had NO idea how many songs we would need! We have a lot of work to do!

My Reading Breakdown for November:

Monthly Musings:
  • Watching
    • Stranger Things Season 2 
      • Another amazing season! I can't wait for the next one.
    • Captain Phillips
      • The camera work was super shaky and jerky. Unfortunately, this made me a bit sick. Overall, I thought it was a great movie! SO intense! Tom Hanks did a wonderful job! 4/5, though this definitely isn't a movie I would re-watch.
    • The Infiltrator
      • I love Bryan Cranston, but this movie was not for me. I didn't finish it.
    • The Brothers Grimm
      • I had to watch this one twice. On the first watch, I just wasn't into it. The second time, I liked it better, but it was still just "meh" for me. Great cast though!
    • The Punisher
      • I'm really enjoying this one! Though I think some episodes drag a bit. I personally prefer shorter shows, so I find that I drift in and out a bit with my focus.
    • Shut In
      • The description on the Netflix sleeve reads, "In the midst of a ferocious winter gale, a child psychologist and her son are snowbound in their isolated New England home when a gang of men break in, seeking much more than shelter from the storm." Wow, that description is VERY off. So I was a bit confused while watching as I kept waiting for the men to break in... But I really enjoyed this movie! It was very suspenseful and the plot twist totally caught me off guard. I LOVED Charlie Heaton and Jacob Tremblay's roles! Charlie Heaton is an amazing spooky character. I hope to see him in more horror movies soon! 
  • Playing: 
    • D&D, simple version

      • I had SO much fun playing my very first D&D game! This was a very simplified version, as many people in our group had never played before. The location was local, so we all knew what it was, and the theme was Stranger Things. The campaign began with our group slowly going missing. We had each ended up in the upside down! When I fell through the portal, I hit my head really badly. I was bleeding, but I also unlocked my powers, which were very similar to Eleven! Suddenly a member of our group disappeared! The goal was then to go find her. But, because I was bleeding, the first step was to go find first aid kits to heal me so we didn't attract more creatures with the blood! The whole thing was so wonderfully organized!
    • Episode: Choose Your Own Adventure (Free)
      • This game really wasn’t up my alley, but it was fun to check out. I tried the Mean Girls version. I thought it was okay until you were forced to pay to make one decision or use the free one… then I bailed. I would recommend this for teens though!
    • Choices: Stories You Play (Free): The Haunting of Braidwood Manor
      • This one was really fun! I enjoyed the overall storyline, but it was pretty predictable. Similarly to Episode, you were forced to use gems/pay to make one decision or use the ONE free option, which was bothersome, but didn’t totally ruin my enjoyment. The music here was wonderful and I really enjoyed all of the characters!
    • Choices: Stories You Play (Free): It Lives In The Woods
      • From this start this one was SUPER creepy! Unfortunately it was mainly about high school drama and bullying, which was just boring to me. In this game, you were also forced to use gems/pay to make one decision or use the ONE free option. In this case, it really took away from the story because it negatively affected things. For example, I could have gotten a weapon at one point, but had to pay to do so. So rather than getting at least a less exciting item, I didn’t get anything at all. One feature that could have been cool here was the artifact collection feature. However, because I refused to pay, I only got two of them. The one redeeming factor for this game was the music.
    • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
      • I held out for awhile on this game... but one afternoon I decided to give it a go. I was HOOKED. It is such an addictive game! However, I can't say that I actually enjoyed it. It's a game where your just farm to collect resources to give to animals, over and over and over and over... I enjoyed seeing the new characters as I unlocked them, and I liked decorating my van and campsite. But it definitely wasn't a game that I was going to stick with for long.
  • Drinking:
    • This month Alex and I tried three of the limited release Polar seltzer water flavors. We really enjoyed Dragon Whispers and Yeti Mischief, but didn't care for Unicorn Kisses. Unfortunately we couldn't find Mermaid Songs, but from the negative public reviews I've seen, I think that was a good thing.  
    • I also went to The Lone Wolfe Brewing Co. with my friend Calie, and had a flight of beers. I really enjoyed one, liked a second, didn't care for the third but drank it, and didn't like the fourth at all. So as a VERY picky beer drinker, that wasn't too bad! I wish I could remember the name of the one I liked... It was a sour beer that began with the letter O...

  • Listening to:
    • In The Dark (Podcast)- An investigative podcast about the abduction of Jacob Wetterling, an eleven-year-old boy from Minnesota. I subscribed to this one a while back. When I started listening, I couldn't stop. I listened to all of the released episodes over the course of two days. It's similar to Serial, so if you liked that podcast, I would definitely recommend this one! 
    • Books in the Freezer (Podcast)- This podcast is right up my alley! It's all about horror books. If this is one of your favorite genres, you gotta check it out!
    • Lore (Podcast)- I started from the beginning and I am LOVING it!
  • In the bookish community: 
    • Kati of Kati's Bookaholic Rambling Reviews participated in The Blogger Recognition Award that I nominated her for. Check out her post here!
    • Lonna of FLYLeF sent me a lovely custom bookmark that I just love! 

  • Looking forward to: 
    • Christmas Cookies- Every year, my Grammie puts together an amazing cookie baking day. It's literally a full day of baking and decorating cookies. There's even a contest for the top three best cookies! It's so much fun to go and visit with all the cousins while we bake away. 
    • Our book club swap! I'm usually not a fan of Yankee Swaps, but for this one, we're all bringing in a book! 
    • The holidays, of course! 
In Case You Missed It:

Thanks for reading!
How was your month? Have any special plans for December and the holidays? I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below!


  1. Stranger Things themed D&D? That sounds like a great combination to me! :)

    I think I'm going to have to look for Shut In since it stars Tremblay and Heaton...

    1. It was SO much fun! :) And definitely! It wasn't an incredible film, but those two did a great job!

  2. Sounds like you are having fun planning your wedding. Ours was pretty low-key. A beautiful church with only about 40 guests. I was lucky and fell in love with the first dress I found. Our colors were red, black and white. What colors are you coordinating around?

    You read a lot of good books and I enjoyed reading about your games. My husband always tends to play more PS4 games this time of year and every once in a while I'll give one a go. We did play Trouble over the Thanksgiving break as kind of a nostalgic night. I made Caramel Apple Sangria over the holiday and fell in love with it!

    1. Oh that sounds so lovely! We were hoping for a small wedding, but our guest list hit the 150 mark. It's all very stressful, but we're trying to have as much fun with it as we can! :) We're doing Navy Blue as our main color, then I'm having sunflowers in my bouquet, so we'll do little pops of yellow here and there.

      I wish I could play more PS4 games! I watch some of them my fiancé plays, but I get so darn motion sick. Oh I love playing games from childhood! Trouble is such a great one! We play Old Maid every time we go to our grandparents house. It's so much fun. My Papa always sings out "Gllllloo-rrrriiiii-aaaa" every time he picks that card. It's hysterical!

  3. Yay for finding a wedding dress! It makes it feel so real! I loved picking out the songs for our ceremony and reception - my husband didn't have a lot of opinions, so I got a lot of what I wanted! :-)

    1. It certainly does!! I can't wait to pick more songs for special moments! :)

  4. Sounds like all the wedding plans are coming together nicely, Erica. I am so glad you found your dress! Looks like you had a good reading month in November. I probably won't get to Stranger Things season 2 until the spring, but I'm looking forward to it. I am glad to hear you like it! I hope you have a wonderful December!

    1. They sure are! We still have a long way to go, but I'm excited to have gotten the big things all nailed down :) I hope you enjoy Stranger things as much as I did!

  5. I loved this season of Stranger Things. I just started The Punisher, but am trying to pace myself with it. I don't think I've ever congratulated you on your upcoming nuptials. Congrats! I hope you find the perfect music to celebrate your relationship. Happy December!

    1. Yeah, I'm definitely pacing myself with the Punisher as well. I think I would totally tune out if I were to watch two episodes in a row.. And thank you!! :) Welcome back from your break! <3