Monday, December 31, 2018

[Book Review] The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Book Review of The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly was a tale about loss and how that can steal the childlike innocence and rush a boy into adulthood.

At first I wasn't sure what to think about this book, as I went into it totally unaware. But it soon won me over.

Let's dive in!

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

This book took me a minute to get into. The first few chapters were just so sad and repetitive that I almost DNFed it. But once I got passed that and into the other world, it was smoother sailing for me. However, there was still quite a bit of receptiveness throughout the book, just as the author kept recapping certain things, that got on my nerves a bit.

I did love that this book centered on the importance of stories. As the story began, the reader would hear bits and pieces of fairy tales, but darker ones, while the main character, David, was in his new room in their new house. Once David passed through the tree, these tales were brought up much more frequently... and then he was inside of the stories!

I really enjoyed all of the characters and creatures that we came across in the other world! I loved the Woodsman and how protective he was of both the forest and the main character. I really enjoyed the dwarfs and how funny they were! The Huntress was terrifying! There were also creatures such as the Loups, which were a man-wolf creature that belong to neither species and craved power, or the Brood which were similar to harpies; they were a female bird like creature with scales.

Rather early on in the story, I had an inkling about how things were going to turn out thanks to the subtle hints that were dropped early on. However, there were still plenty of twists and turns that kept things exciting. I really enjoyed the overall storyline and pacing; it was so creative and action packed!

The last thing that I will say, as I believe this is yet another book that you just have to experience on your own, is how I loved that the tale came full circle.

This was a wonderful pick for a book club!

My favorite passages: 
Once upon a time- for that is how all stories should begin- there was a boy who lost his mother.

In any case, it gave him more time to read, and that was no bad thing.

He was just a boy wearing pajamas, one slipper, and an old blue dressing gown under a stranger’s jacket, and he did not belong anywhere but in his own bedroom.

There were words forming in his brain like a dark cloud building on a clear summer’s day, filled with heat and fury and confusion. The question came to him, and he was almost surprised to hear his own voice ask it.

My final thoughts:
Once I got passed the first few chapters, I was hooked and I ended up really enjoying this one. I loved how creative and dark everything was in the other land. While I did really enjoy this while reading, I don't think I would re-read it.

If you enjoy darker tales, then I'd definitely recommend this read. I cannot wait to talk about it in my upcoming book club meeting!

Thanks for reading!
Have you read any dark fairy tales? I'd love to hear about them! 

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  1. I really liked this book, too! :)

  2. Books about books or fairy tales can be very cool!

  3. Sounds intriguing, though sorry it was a bit repetitive throughout.


  4. I can find repetition quite annoying in a book so I don't think this kind of book would suit me! Mind you, I don't read fairy tale plots so I guess it doesn't matter! Oh dear I'm rambling and that is before I open the Buck's Fizz!

  5. I really appreciate books that can encompass different moods, that can have darkness but also humor and excitement. Some of the old fairy tales are incredibly dark but there's always an impulse towards life underneath that -- I think any retelling has to acknowledge that side and not just indulge in sad, depressing images. Sounds like this one was successful in that.

    1. Same here! They're always so interesting to me if they can get the mix right!

  6. I think this isn't the book for me because it being slow in the beginning and a bit repetitive wouldn't work for me. But I am glad after perservering and continuing to read this one turned out to be good for you!