Saturday, February 25, 2017

[Graphic Novel Review] Voltron: Legendary Defender, Volume 1

Graphic Novel Review of Voltron: Legendary Defender, Volume 1

When I saw this graphic novel in the store, I let out an involuntary cheer and immediately began to tear up out of excitement. Ridiculous? Absolutely. But I just could not contain my excitement. I mean... I even took a selfie with the book as soon as I got to my car and immediately sent it to my boyfriend.

Selfie with Voltron graphic novel

Voltron: Legendary Defender, Volume 1
by Tim Hedrick, Mitch Iverson, & Digital Art Chefs 

Voltron Funko Pop and Graphic Novel

This was such a joy to read! I absolutely loved everything about it!

I loved the artwork and the characters. I thought the storyline was simple, but also fast paced and action packed!

I loved that in situations where various characters are speaking within one panel, that we either see their faces in little circles, or the word bubble is colored to match their lions.

I also loved that the narration in two chapters took on an appearance that related to the specific character. So in one chapter, which was from Lance's point of view, there was an old English theme. Then in the chapter from Pidge's point of view, there was a computer coding theme. I thought this was a very nice touch!

The dialogue was perfect and so, so, so funny!

Voltron Lance panels

Voltron Hunk panel

My favorite passage was:
“Well Lance hoped Planet Krell was hungry, because it was about to get served a Lance knuckle sandwich with a side of slap sauce."

I cannot wait for another edition!


The following is a spoiler filled summary.

Do not continue if you have not yet read this and do not want to be spoiled!! 


In chapter 1, the team heads off for a training exercise, but before they can get started, they run into a little snag. Coran owes Kythylian Mu money, and a lot of it! Kythylian Mu takes Coran as ransom and tells the Paladins that he will trade Coran for a Yalexian Pearl that can be found on planet Krell. So off they go! When they reach the Krell, they are immediately faced with a giant bug that they must find a way to defeat with Voltron. 

In chapter 2, the team learns that that bug was actually the guardian of the village, and the village leader is not thrilled that they have killed it. Soon, the beast (called the Abomination) that the guardian had been protecting the village from shows up, and the team forms Voltron again to fight it. This time, the team follows Hunk’s “gut feeling” and they create a meal for Abomination. The villagers thank the team for solving their problems. Then the leader tells them the name of the princess that knows where the pearl is. Her name is Princess Malocoti, but of course she is being held captive and needs rescuing.

In chapter 3, the team goes off to rescue Princess Malocoti, but things are not what they appear. The princess is actually the dragon, and the lady they saw is the sorceress that was holding the princess captive. Once they defeat the sorcerous, the princess turns back into her normal form. Then when they ask the princess where the pearl is, the tells them what they need to do and that it will take the most clever and brave paladin- Pidge. 

In chapter 4, the reach the desert and the Great Universal Sphinx, repository for great research, asks who among them is most knowledgeable. The team all nominates Pidge, and the Sphinx then tells them that she will be tested by body, mind, and spirit. The first test Pidge has to pass is defeating all of her friends when they are controlled by spores. By exploring each of their weaknesses, Pidge wins and they move on. The second is a chess game that Pidge has to win against herself. Using her teams strengths, she assigns each person to a chess piece. They win and move on to the final test- the riddle. 

In chapter 5, the team heads to the Evershadow of the Moon of planet Krell to battle the Yalex, finally get the pearl, and save Coran! And surprise; this was all one big training activity. 








End of spoilers!