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[Graphic Novel Review] The City on the Other Side by Mairghread Scott, illustrated by Robin Robinson

Graphic Novel Review of The City on the Other Side by Mairghread Scott, illustrated by Robin Robinson

The City on the Other Side by Mairghread Scott, illustrated by Robin Robinson is a wonderfully illustrated tale about a girl who lives a very sheltered and boring life. All she wants is to get a bit dirty and go on an adventure when suddenly, she finds herself on the other side of the vale! She is then thrust into a quest where the fate of the world depends on her.

Let's dive in!

The City on the Other Side by Mairghread Scott, illustrated by Robin Robinson

The first decade of the twentieth century is coming to a close, and San Francisco is still recovering from the great earthquake of 1906. Isabel watched the destruction safely from her window, sheltered within her high-society world.

Isabel isn't the kind of girl who goes on adventures. But that all changes when she stumbles through the invisible barrier that separates the human world from the fairy world. She quickly finds herself caught up in an age-old war and fighting on the side of the Seelie — the good fairies.

My thoughts: 
The artwork of this graphic novel is lovely! To me, that was the best element. I loved how fun and colorful each panel was. The Seelie and Unseelie characters themselves were so interesting! I loved seeing new ones every now and again, even if they didn't play much of a part, other than just being in the background.

I was also a bit surprised with the slight violence. For some reason, I just wasn't expecting it in this graphic novel.

The City on the Other Side panel

For main characters, Button was by far my favorite. He was so funny and I just loved his facial expressions! I also really liked Isabel and how quickly she was ready to dive in.

The overall story was interesting, though a bit predictable and slightly rushed. I did really enjoy what a light and fun read this was though! And the humor that was mixed in was perfect!

My final thoughts:
While a bit predictable, I would still definitely recommend this one! It would be a great one to pick up and read through in one sitting when you're looking for something fun and light.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I didn't really love this one, but you're right, Button is a cutie and the illustrations are great!


    1. I can definitely see why this one is so hit or miss! :)

  2. This looks super cute, and the art is so pretty and colorful!

  3. Replies
    1. :-D I want a whole book just about him!

  4. Predictable has its place sometimes.

    1. Definitely!! In this case, it worked well!

  5. Looks like a cute graphic novel! Love the art, and the humor looks good too. The last GN I read was a Jetsons comic, a new series by DC- I'm loving the newer take and the awesome art.

  6. Interesting time period and setting. Not an era I’ve a lot about. And the artwork is gorgeous!

  7. This looks cute and reminds me that I need to expand my graphic novel world. Appreciate your thoughts!