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[Book Review] War of the Damned (Relic Hunters, #3) by Martin Ferguson

War of the Damned (Relic Hunters, #3) by Martin Ferguson

War of the Damned by Martin Ferguson is the third book in the action-packed Relic Hunters series. Just like the previous two books, I was hooked right from the start!

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Let's dive in!

War of the Damned by Martin Ferguson 

When a World War II submarine is mysteriously discovered off the coast of Scotland, Adam Hunter and the secret team from the British Museum are sent to investigate. Only, they’re not the only ones captivated by the curious items discovered inside and the Hunter brothers and their team mates are forced to fight their way across Europe in the footsteps of millions of young British soldiers who went before them. As legends and stories come to life, the team discover the terrifying truth of Hitler’s gold lust. In this third instalment of The Relic Hunters, readers are guaranteed a totally immersive historical experience.

My thoughts:
Gosh, this series! I never want it to end! The action is so fast-paced and it's very easy to get totally immersed in the story, letting the hours just fly by!

The writing was wonderful; it was such a fun and easy read and everything flowed very well! Like the other books in the series, there are chapters that are written from other characters perspective, such as Dave, Matt, and Emma. Each chapter from other perspectives than the main character, Adam, really helped add to the overall story and plot, per usual!

Also in this book, there is another lovely storyline from the past that runs alongside the present time, overlapping in the most perfect way. This second storyline was about Private Andrew Cooper of the Suffolk Regiment. I'm always so nervous when I see this writing method used, but again, Martin nailed the organization of the two timelines! Both timelines are also very interesting! I found myself having a very hard time putting the book down because I just couldn't wait to see what happened next in each of the storylines!

This storyline of this one was so interesting! I loved the bits of history that were added in to the fiction, and I especially appreciated the authors note at the end that discusses these events a bit further.

The overall tone of the story has a lovely upbeat and humorous feel. Even in the most stressful moments, I loved how Adam handles them, whether that be through a simple look or gesture, or even a one-liner to lighten the mood.

As for the characters, I just adore them all! I really enjoyed seeing Emma loosen up a bit. I can't wait to see where the relationship between her and Adam goes, if it goes anywhere at all, of course. I would be happy with it either way! I loved that we got to know Matt and Dave a bit more, and Cecyila was so lovely! I really hope to see more of her!

Another element of these books that I really enjoy are the chapter headers. Especially the ones that make me chuckle:

When I finished reading this book, I was very sad. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one when it comes out!

My favorite passages:
My name is Adam Hunter, a seventeen-year-old college dropout and somehow, an Operative and Hunter of historical artefacts for the British Museum.

Duncan, my best friend for more years that I can remember, is with me and we may not have exactly entered the building legally. The skull masks across our faces incriminate us even more.

That remark earns me a stress-ball thrown at my head.
'I don't think that's how they're supposed to be used, Abbey,' I tell her, before ducking again as a clipboard flies my way.

I dare to look up, seeing two Stuka dive-bombers soaring down towards us. They open fire, tearing through the regiment and my helmet is torn from my head. Somehow, I am unhurt, a damned miracle, the helmet only marked by the scorch of a bullet.

Before I can reach them, a face emerges above me. It is something that only belongs in nightmares.
With thin pale grey skin that barely conceals the skull and white haunting eyes, black blood seeps out of its jaws, which is lined with fangs. Hands rise to reveal curled claws and in the dim light, I can see the rest of its thin distorted body. It looks deep into my eyes and I see sheer rage before it unleashes another ear-piercing scream that is only silenced by a single bullet between the eyes from Leon.

At his command, the grenades are thrown and I draw and loose the explosive arrow. Everything detonates together in  a chaos of fire, smoke and falling rock.

I throw smoke grenades behind me, trying to disorientate the soldiers but it does nothing. I wish I had more of Dave's stick grenades or maybe a few more magazines of ammunition, or hell, if we're wishing for things I wish I was on a beach soaking up rays. Who am I kidding? Of course I'd rather be here amongst the action. I'd be bored stupid of a beach anyway.

'Maybe,' I chuckle, wincing from the pain in my... everywhere.

My final thoughts:
This was another wonderful addition to the series! I cannot wait to see where the team goes next!

Thanks for reading!
What was the last action-packed book you read?


  1. I love when a book is so good it’s impossible to put down. This series sounds like it should be made into movies.

  2. Oh i love the sound of these! Sound awesome! The headers are quite funny too! But more importantly you made me want macaroons! lol

  3. Great review Erica! I'm definitely going to have to start in on this series.

  4. That header is great! I'm glad you're enjoying the series.