Sunday, October 1, 2017

[Book Review] The Broke-Ass Bride's Wedding Guide by Dana LaRue

The Broke-Ass Bride's Wedding Guide by Dana LaRue is a hilarious and incredibly helpful book that can help ease you into wedding planning mode!

I picked this up a few months after our engagement, but before we started really getting into the weeds of wedding planning. If you can, I highly recommend picking this up soon after getting engaged, before you let the stress of wedding planning kick in.

However, if you've already hit the wall of stress, you have to go get this book right away! Trust me. It really helped me! How? I'll explain in a minute.

Let's dive in!

The Broke-Ass Bride's Wedding Guide by Dana LaRue

Brides-to-be, do you dream of rocking a wedding full of personality, pizzazz, and style, without compromising your dreams or kissing your budget goodbye? Well, bust out your happy dance because today is your lucky're holding the key in your newly-betrothed hands! 

In the pages of this witty guide, Dana LaRue, creator of, shares hundreds of tips and anecdotes for getting the most bang for your buck, celebrating your personality as a couple, and making wedding planning fun. She includes:
· The top 14 money-saving rules for choosing your location, dress, menu, and music—and most important of all, enjoying the day
· Engagement party and rehearsal dinner ideas that won’t break the bank
· 4 tips for finding your dream theme
· Sample budget breakdowns ($1,000; $5,000; $10,000; $15,000; and beyond) showing where couples saved and splurged
· Her very own road-tested advice for becoming a negotiation ninja
· 7 ways to keep your booze budget under control
· DIY décor projects and recipes you can make without risking a bridezilla meltdown
·  Online planning shortcuts, tools to find savings, and helpful websites for organization and style inspiration

My thoughts:
Right from the introduction, the authors fun and upbeat tone drew me right in!

It is very hard to explain... but the book is also written in a way that made me feel comfortable, like this was the perfect wedding planning book for me. So many lines in the intro really jumped out at me and made me feel both a bit calmer about the whole wedding planning process, but also excited and fired up rather than stressed!

And I mean…the font is purple. So of course I loved that feature! :)

There were SO many passages and pages that I took many notes from. But of course, as this isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of book, so there were other sections that I just skimmed or occasionally totally skipped.

Other sections made me crack up! Like:

A few of the things that really stood out for me and where I am in the wedding planning process included:
  • Sending out a group email to the wedding party to introduce everyone and giving them a way to contact one another if needed.
  • Budget-friendly bachelorette/bachelor party tips.
  • The pros and cons of various music options for the day of.
  • Tips to keep in mind before hiring any vendors.
  • Tips to make the most of the big day.
And of course, this graphic that really hit home with my current stress levels at the time I saw it:

My favorite passages:
Embracing your inner Broke-Ass means using creativity as currency to rock a bad-ass wedding without breaking the bank.

Remember, you are a team. Thus, teamwork is to be expected. And there is no i in “teamwork,” but there is an ass in “forced assistance."

Like many things in this world, it's not the size of your wedding party that matters, but the motion of the… ocean? Wait, no. If this wedding party's a-rockin', don't come a... Oh, hell, let's take this back a tick.

My final thoughts:
This is a must read for any individual that is looking for wedding planning tips! You'll love the upbeat and fun tone. Happy planning!

Thanks for reading!
For those that are currently wedding planning, or already married, feel free to leave any tips and tricks in the comments section below! :) I can use all the help I can get!


  1. Where was this when I got married? Seems like a great resource but I'm not doing it again 😀

  2. That title cracks me up. :)

  3. Yeah, could have used this when we got married! It was stressful at times, but we planned for over a year, so there were long gaps of time where we had to do nothing. It would be interesting to see if this book could have saved us any money. We had a pretty traditional wedding that wasn't too expensive for our area. I don't know how far along in the process you are, but I know we saved money by having a Sunday morning/afternoon brunch buffet. It didn't have a wild party atmosphere, but we enjoyed it.

    Also, we paid for the wedding ourselves, so when other people or even family members encouraged us to just splurge or ask people to help us, we just reminded them that we had a budget and were doing things our way - when other people start to pay for things, you feel obligated to take their opinions over your own.

    1. So far we have only booked the venue. So we have a LONG ways to go! haha We opted for a Friday wedding, so that helped with costs a bit. :)

  4. I am loving the passages 😭😭 I think I'll have to remember to recommend this book to my friends that are getting married. Good luck with wedding planning, I hope all runs smoothly and as stress-free as this process can possibly be!

    1. Definitely!! It's so great! :) And thank you so much!!

  5. I am going to be finally picking this one up soon!! I am happy you loved it! :D <3

  6. This book just popped up on my Pinterest feed! After reading your review, I'm definitely glad I added it to my wedding board. :-)