Wednesday, July 5, 2017

[Graphic Novel Review] Five Ghosts Vol. 3: Monsters and Men

Graphic Novel Review of Five Ghosts Vol. 3: Monsters and Men

With many thanks to my local library, I was able to get my hands on this third volume. If you missed my reviews for the previous books in the series, click the links below.

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Cover of Five Ghosts Vol. 3: Monsters and Men

Five Ghosts, Volume Three: Monsters and Men 
by Frank J. Barbiere, Chris Mooneyham (Illustrator)

Summary (slight spoilers):
In this volume, we pick up with Fabian traveling to Romania to try to find his friend, Sebastian, who he believes was kidnapped and taken there. In his travels, he learns that the plague has continued to spread, which is causing devastation in many towns. Unfortunately, that is not the only issue; there are also monster people that have been attacking villagers. But these aren’t just any monsters; they have been created by “The Good Doctor,” who convinces them to take a medicine to rid them of the plague…

During his travels, Fabian also meets Van Helsing just in the nick of time. During their battle, Fabian is attacked by one of the monsters. With the poison flowing through his veins, he is forced to submit to the vampire ghosts that haunts him… After that the “ghost” of Fabian can only watch as the Vampire takes over and attacks. To continue on, he must fight his way to regain control.

My thoughts:
The pacing of this volume was very quick, and of course, it was action packed! I enjoyed seeing how the story developed.

Sebastian continues to be my favorite character, but it was interesting to meet Van Helsing as well!

I loved that we got more flashbacks in this volume which allowed us to learn more about Sebastian and Fabian’s relationship. I think their friendship is so wonderful!

Per usual, the artwork and color scheme were awesome.

I also really enjoyed the lack of color in the dream and flashback sequences, like this:

At the end of this volume, there were two shorts that were also included. One was a Five Ghosts tale called “The Demon and the Dreamstone.” I enjoyed the story of this one, but didn’t really care for the artwork. The second was “Boats Against The Current.” I liked the artwork of this one, but I have to admit that I thought the storyline was lacking.

Beware, the negative:
My only complaint is that I was confused for a minute when I picked up this volume. I had totally forgotten where we left off in Volume 2... So I wish this volume had just a little bit of a summary to catch the reader up to the storyline.

Favorite lines:
Never doubt the power of the human spirit.

I won’t lose another ally to the darkness.

There are no real monsters, Fabian. Just men and the evil that we do.

My final thoughts:
Another wonderful addition to this series! I gave this one four stars.

I cannot wait for Volume 4 to be published!