Friday, February 17, 2017

[Graphic Novel Review] The One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg

The One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg book review

Looking for a fun graphic novel with strong female characters? Give this one a read!

The One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg

The One Hundred Nights of Hero book image

This graphic novel begins focusing on a young female god named Kiddo, who created Early Earth. Kiddo was the daughter of the god, BirdMan. Kiddo liked watching her humans and thought they were perfect. But when BirdMan sees her humans sinning, he wants them to worship the gods, to fear them. So he takes over. There's just one thing he didn't account for; love.

The book then dives into a story where a man named Manfred who believes there are no good women that live up to his incredible standards. Jerome disagrees, and the two end up making a wager; if Manfred can seduce Jerome's wife within 100 nights, he will get Jerome's castle and his wife. If he loses, Jerome gets Manfred wife. What the two don't know is that Jerome's wife, Cherry, is actually in love with her maid, Hero. Hero overheard the plan and the two start trying to figure out how they are going to outsmart the men.

The plan? Tell stories to keep Manfred distracted and occupied until the 100 days pass. But can they do it?

I cruised through this book very quickly and I loved every second of it! The first thing that drew me in was the artwork. It was so different from the graphic novels that I am used to and I thought it was very captivating. There were lots of bold lines and striking colors. However, there were only a handful of colors that were included, which I think really added to the overall beauty of the illustrations.

Check out these panel examples:

The One Hundred Nights of Hero panel image 1

The One Hundred Nights of Hero panel image 2

The writing was so lovely! I thought that it all flowed very well and I really enjoyed how everything came back around in a perfect resolution at the end. The tone was light for the majority of the story, but there were a handful of times that it turned a bit dark.

I absolutely loved the occasional sarcasm and all of the breaking of the fourth wall. For example, sometimes the narrator would comment on the story in a way that broke normal narration, like the narrator didn't know what was going to happen next. Once a character responded to the narrator directly and other characters overheard and questioned what he was doing. And numerous times, characters mentioned the plot of the story like they knew they were all in a story that was supposed to go from point a to point b.

My favorite passages:
... she just smiled, and kneeling beside him, she took his face and her cold little hands, and kissed his mouth. Well, it would not be possible to describe to you that kiss. But it is enough to say that it change the man, and he was lost to her.

Well, you and I know that in any good story like this, the mystery can only be solved by a plucky hero, youngest son type. But of course a great surplus of cocky princes turned up first, and one by one failed. Well, enter our plucky hero.

My final thoughts: 
I would definitely recommend this! It was such a fun and quick read, and the illustrations were wonderful. 5 stars!