Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bookish Heirloom

Every year, the Metcalf clan gets together for "Birthday Breakfast." This is an event that one of Alex's family members, Gail, organizes to treat everyone to breakfast rather than giving out birthday gifts throughout the year.

It's always a lot of fun to get together and enjoy great food. But this year was extra special!

Let's dive in!
The chosen restaurant this year is always wicked busy on the weekends, so Alex and I got to the restaurant early so we could get our name on the list for a table for nine. Luckily, they had a party table already open so we were seated almost immediately.

The family slowly started trickling in and then we all started chatting and looking over the menu.

At one point before we had ordered, Gail, who was sitting right next to me said that she had something for me. Before she took it out, she started telling me all about Alex's grandfather, Michael.

She said that Michael was a voracious reader! She said that he read so much that he actually had two library cards to two different local libraries. He would make a trip to each, check out as many books as he was allowed at each location, go home, and cruise right through the books.

On one of Gail's trips to Europe, she purchased a bookmark for Michael. She said he used it all the time and just loved it because it was one of his favorite authors- Winston Churchill. When Michael passes away, the bookmark was returned to Gail.

She said she now wanted to give it to me.

...And then she pulled out the bookmark.

I was so touched by Gail's kindness, per usual! And I am so honored to have been given this family heirloom. How neat that it's a bookmark?! I think it's so cool that his arm helps mark the page!

Thanks for reading!
Have you ever been gifted a bookish item that has been passed down through the family? If so I would love to hear your story!!


  1. Awwwwww. That is so amazing! I received a book mark from my 3rd grade teacher once from Ireland. I'm pretty sure I have it still, but I don't know exactly where I put it...

    Elle Inked @ Keep on Reading

    1. That's awesome!! What a kind gift from a teacher!

  2. What a wonderful gift! I am sure that you will always treasure it.

  3. What a wonderful item, especially with the story behind it. I love the idea of the Birthday Breakfast too :-)

  4. What an awesomely wonderful thing for her to do and I'm sure you'll cherish it forever. Hope you had a great breakfast too!

  5. Oh wow, that's such an amazing gift! I've never been given anything like this before.