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Privacy Policy

Any personal information collected on this blog, whether that be through the Honest Review Form, a giveaway, or the newsletter, your information will only be used for giveaway or honest review purposes only.

I will never sell your information. I will only share your information if it is for a situation where sharing with Amazon/Author/Publisher is required in order for your prize to be delivered.

Review Policy

All review requests must go through my Google Form. If I am emailed or contacted in any other way, I will steer you toward that form. On the form, there is a checkbox that you must check off in order to give me permission to store your contact information. If that box is not checked, your request will be deleted immediately.

If I accept your request - your email will remain on file so I can reach out with updates regarding our project; a review, interview, giveaway, etcetera.

In the event that I decline your request - your email address will be deleted and no information will be stored.

In the event where you send me a physical book - Of course I will never store your mailing address. Once the book has been unboxed, the box and all of the labels with any personal information will go right into recycling.

Click here for more information about my review policy and guidelines.

Republication Policy

The reviews and other blog posts on the Erica Robyn Reads Blog are mine. You do not have permission to take material/articles/pictures from my site and run it on yours without permission.

The following is allowed:

  • You may publish a quote of 150 words or less from reviews/articles with a link to the original piece on the Erica Robyn Reads Blog if you are another site or an author. Credit must be given in a way that makes it obvious that the content is not your own.
  • Full articles/reviews are not permitted to be republished from Erica Robyn Reads without WRITTEN permission from me and final say on the article before publication.
  • You may share links to my blog posts in social media, by linking to them on your own blog or site, or though an email newsletter. If you share any of my links, I'd love to be tagged on the platform you are using, or notified that you've linked to me in your post or on your website. 

Giveaway Policy

1. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law.

2. Entrants must be at least 13 years old, as it is illegal to collect personal information from children 12 & under.

3. Winners will be contacted by email using the address provided in the giveaway form and must respond within 48 hours. After the 48 hour mark, I reserve the right to pick another winner.

4. I use USPS mail for shipping. I will send you proof of mailing if a tracking code is provided- but myself and/or any author/publisher taking care of the mailings are not responsible for replacing lost or damaged items (a moment of silence for all the items that have been lost in transit...).

5. Odds of winning simply depend on the number of entries submitted through the giveaway platform. I use Rafflecopter for organizing the entires and to randomly choose a winner.

6.  Duplicate entries and/or entries that do not follow giveaway rules will be deleted/disqualified.

7. By entering a giveaway, you a) agree to these rules and my privacy policy, b) certify that you are 13 years or older and reside in a state/country where the giveaway is legal, and c) agree not hold me, an author, or a publisher responsible if you are impacted negatively in any way at all.

Rules may be modified as needed.

Other Important Notices

  • Blogger- the main platform this blog uses, hosted by Google: Google's Privacy Policy.
  • Google Form- the form that I use to collect honest review requests. Your information will be stored here until the transaction is complete, then it will be deleted. See Google's Privacy Policy above. 
  • Rafflecopter- the platform used for all giveaways: Rafflecopter's Privacy Policy.
  • Feedburner- the platform used for blog subscriptions. Of course subscribing is totally optional and you can unsubscribe at any time. See Google's Privacy Policy above, as Feedburner is a Google product. 
  • Bloglovin- I use this as another way for visitors to subscribe to my posts: Bloglovin privacy policy.
  • Google Analytics- like most bloggers, I also use Google Analytics to obtain and monitor blog traffic and stats. It's a service provided by Google and information regarding the service can be found in their privacy policy (also listed above). If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics, please click here.
  • Cookies- this site uses cookies. Blogger has provided short blurb at the top of the screen (for those that apply) letting you know what information they collect and for what purposes. If you would not like for your cookies to be recorded, please check your browser settings. Just remember that cookies make your browsing experience better.
  • Ko-Fi- is 100% optional and allows visitors to donate money (buy me a tea) if they so choose. Click here to check out the Ko-Fi Privacy Policy
  • Amazon Affiliate Links- this is another element that is 100% optional. If someone goes through my post and wants to snag a copy of the book, they can click my affiliate link to help support my blog.

Third Party Disclosure: 
I do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any of your information to outside parties.

By visiting this site (Erica Robyn Reads) you are agreeing to the privacy policy above.

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