Wednesday, December 19, 2018

[Audiobook Review] Jingle Bell Pop by John Seabrook, narrated by Erin Moon

Jingle Bell Pop by John Seabrook, narrated by Erin Moon, was an absolute joy to listen to during the holiday season! I'm so happy that I snagged this audiobook on Audible!

If you love Christmas music and have the chance to give this a listen, I highly recommend it!

Let's dive in!

Jingle Bell Pop by John Seabrook, narrated by Erin Moon

Erin Moon, the narrator, was so upbeat and fun! I really enjoyed listening to her narrate this tale. The production was also very well done. I loved that they added recordings and instrumentals in the background from time to time; each song was mixed in absolutely perfectly. Another element that was included in this audiobook was interview clips from song writers, producers, and others.

When the story begins, I loved that the author pokes fun at how irritating Christmas music can be, especially when you hear the same songs from various artists over and over and over again before Christmas Eve even arrives. This made me laugh! I do love my Christmas music, but only after Thanksgiving... and I still skip many of the songs when they come up on shuffle like All I Want For Christmas, Santa Baby, or anything by Alvin and the Chipmunks, for example... I will turn the music off completely if Christmas Shoes comes on. Gosh, that song totally bums me out.

This tale mentions various songs that were originally Christian Hymns as well as the key songs that were written during various eras all the way up to today's pop music. However, it was very heavy on the more recent songs, as the title of the book shows.

I did wish for a moment that they author had spent just a little more time building the foundation with the historical notes, but I'm also glad that he didn't waste too much time and just dove into the pop scene! I would love to see this author write other books about different eras to really expand more!

I found it so interesting when the fact that having a truly new song enter into Christmas canon rarely happens; that most of the songs are actually from the era of World War I.

One gentleman that was interviewed said that he believe the entries for the Christmas canon has been closed... This got me thinking, and I have to say that I really disagree. Sure, the absolute classics will never lose their touch, but I think we're still waiting for just the right songs to come about to be added to the list!

There are SO many holiday songs that I absolutely adore that aren't considered part of the "canon," but couldn't they be one day? I mean, just listen to Kelly Clarkson's hit, Underneath the Tree. I can see this one slipping into canon someday! It's upbeat and fun, it captures the holiday joy, and it's just screaming for other renditions to be made!

My only irk with this was how cocky some of the people being interviewed were. My goodness! That really took this down a star for me because the rest was so upbeat and lovely.

My final thoughts:
I really enjoyed listening to this! It sprinkled in some history of Christmas music without being too much, and then really dove into the pop music scene. 

The entire listen was upbeat and so fun! I loved it so much that I listened to it in one sitting. If you're looking for a fun listen during the holiday season, I definitely recommend this one. 

Thanks for reading!
What do you think, is the Christmas canon officially closed, or will a new song slip in there someday? What is your favorite Christmas song?


  1. How fun! I think new Christmas songs could definitely enter the canon. Some of those are my most favorites.


  2. This is super fascinating. I have never thought about the history of Christmas music before, to be honest.

  3. I HATE Christmas shoes for the same reason.