Friday, August 31, 2018

[Wrap-Up] August 2018

Wrap-Up for August 2018

August was filled with excitement! Leading up the the wedding, I was so stressed. Almost every single day, we had something wedding related on the calendar. But even so, we still had a ton of fun!

One highlight of the month was our annual trip to Waterville Valley! Being up north with our friends is always such a treat!

Another of the highlights of this month was my friend Amber's magical Harry Potter party! I mean, just check out this group of photos below. She is SO clever and creative!! 

Toward the middle of the month, we had my bachelorette party. My ladies took me to one of my favorite towns in New Hampshire; Portsmouth. We did a LaBelle wine tasting and then wandered the city for a bit.

Next up, Alex and I got last minute tickets to go see Red Sun Rising, Shinedown, and Godsmack. Shinedown was absolutely incredible!! I highly recommend seeing them if they come to your area! I wasn't a huge fan until I saw them live; now I'm hooked!

My work also threw me a surprise cupcake and cookie party before I took my break for the wedding! What an amazing bunch! I was totally blown away that they also managed to find our Future Fund and made a contribution! <3

Without further delay, let's dive in to my monthly wrap-up!

My Reading Breakdown for August:

Monthly Musings:
  • Watching
      • Wonder (2017 Film)
        • Oh my gosh. This was PERFECT. The casting was lovely, the actors all did an amazing job, and overall I thought it was a wonderful adaptation! It's a tearjerker though! I very rarely cry during movies; during this one I was tearing up left and right! 5/5
      • The Greatest Showman (2017 Film)
        • We finally snagged this one from Netflix. SO lovely! I don't know what took us so long! We loved this film! Such fun! 5/5
      • Avengers: Infinity War (2018 Film)
        • Alex and I re-watched this film when we snagged it on DVD. It was even more amazing the second time around. Gosh I love this movie! 5/5
    • Playing: 
      • I'm still horribly addicted to Marvel Strike Force!
      • While we were in Waterville, we played our usual game; One Night Ultimate Werewolf.
      • Also in Waterville, we played the Marvel Legendary board game. SO fun! I can't wait to play again!
      • A third game that we played in Waterville was Knock Knock, created by BKW of one of my favorite podcasts, Top 5 of Death. I AM OBSESSED. We had so much fun! What a clever game!! I highly recommend checking this one out!

    • Drinking:
      • While out for Alex's birthday, I ordered a glass of moscato. A few minutes later, our waitress came back and this conversation happened: The waitress: "Did you say Prosecco or Moscato?" Me: "Moscato please." The waitress: "Prosecco. Ok." as she immediately turns around... So I got a Prosecco. I drank it, and it was lovely. But for my second drink I went and ordered from the bar instead. It was quite funny and turned into the joke of the night.


      • This month I also had a delicious cup of Coconut African Rooibos tea. The diner priced it at $4...which I wasn't thrilled about when I got my check. But hey, at least it was tasty!
    • Eating:
      • I spotted this at the grocery store and had to bite my tongue so I didn't cheer. I LOVE these chips... SO much. A friend from Canada sent me a bag a few years ago when he sent me a whole Canada gift box. But of course, these can't usually be found in my area in the US. I had to force myself not to just sit and eat this whole bag. 

      • Listening to:
        • Getting married!! September 7th, here we come!
      • Monthly bookish related haul:
        • This month was crazy when it comes to new books! Many I was sent from publishers and authors, a few I purchased new, one I snagged at a second hand shop, and a few I was gifted!

        • Some of my Deadpool socks have been slowing getting holes in them... So I just had to snag a new pack! 
      Deadpool socks
        • And then this happened... Of course I was going to add Deadpool 2 to our collection! But when I saw Fight Club takeover for $5... I just HAD to. 

      The Limpet Syndrome coaster

        • This one isn't bookish related... but... BOOM, BABY! How cute is he?!

      • Book Club:
        • I attended book club this month but unfortunately didn't have time to read the book. My crew surprised me with a gift and two friends bought my drinks. SO kind of them! Have I mentioned how much I love this group?!

      In Case You Missed It
      Thanks for reading!
      How was your month? Have any special plans for September? I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below!


      1. I love listening to Jim Dale read Harry Potter. See check out my monthly wrap up at Girl Who Reads

      2. That HP themed party looks like it was awesome! I haven't read Wonder yet, but I agree the movie was fantastic. Ooh, I tried those Ketchup chips once and I totally wouldn't blame you for eating the whole bag at once because they were so good. I had no idea there was a Kuzco Pop - I think I'll need to find one. :)

        1. It was so much fun!! :) Wonder is such a great read! They did a wonderful job with the movie so if you liked that I think you'd like the book!

      3. Looks like you had a great month! So many fun wedding celebrations!

      4. I would love a Harry Potter themed party! Pity my friends over the years were never book fans like me! How lovely to have all these wedding celebrations with everyone!

      5. Glad it was a great month! I love how into it your feiend got with her party- how fun. And I love a good concert so seeing that picture of the band playing made me smile. It's been too long since I've been to a good loud show!

        What's this about a werewolf game? I'll have to check it out. :) Have a super wedding- congratulations!!

        1. Right?! She's so creative!! Oh, I hope you get to a show soon!! :) And yes, the game is SO fun! I'm so bad at lying, so I'm pretty bad at the game, but it's always a good time!!

          Thank you!! <3

      6. OMG, a Harry Potter party. I wish I was invited. That would be the best party ever. Sorry about the wedding stress. It looks like you had a fun month, though. I love the photos. Have a great September! I hope the wedding is perfect and amazing.

        Aj @ Read All The Things!

      7. I loved the movie Wonder. I am surprised at the number of books you read with your wedding just around the corner. My hearty wishes for your wedding!

        Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

        1. Thank you! <3 I'm surprised as well! Wedding planning is so frustratingly time consuming!

      8. That HP party looks amazing *insert heart eyes emoji*. I'm so excited for you and your wedding. Try not to stress to much these last few days before it. I've heard wonderful things about the HP audiobooks. I might have to try them out for a reread. Happy September!

      9. Great wrap up post! I don't write wrap ups but reading this has inspired me. Maybe I'll do one starting this September.

        Cogratulations on the wedding!

        1. <3 I'd love to see your future wrap-up! They're so fun to put together. I usually start my draft at the beginning of the month and fill it in as I go so I don't forget anything! :)

          Thank you!!

      10. Eeeek the wedding's getting closer! So exciting!

        Glad you had a fun month despite some stresses :) All the best for the upcoming wedding!

        1. Almost there!!! I can't believe it! :) Thank you so much! <3

      11. What an amazing month. Best wishes to you guys!!

      12. That HP themed party looks like so much fun! I hope that you're able to relax a bit in these last few days before your wedding. Wishing you the best on your upcoming nuptials and much happiness as you begin your journey as husband and wife!

        1. Thank you so much! I got SO much done yesterday! Tuesday looks like it'll be another heavy day with lots of errands, but the rest of the week looks light! Fingers crossed! :)

      13. You Have had a busy month. Congrats on the wedding and I hope that it is everything you dreamed it would be. It was fun doing the comment challenge with you this month as well.

      14. It looks like you had a wonderfully busy month. I do enjoy seeing photos and it looks like you had a great time with friends. That was so sweet of your co-workers to send you off with a party. Best of wishes to both of you and you are able to enjoy your special day.

      15. I cannot wait to see you!! 4 MORE DAYS!! <3

      16. Looks like you had a fun filled month. I love the cupcakes and we recently watched Deadpool 2 and I liked it even more than the first. He seemed somewhat less raunchy in this one although stuff like that doesn't bother me. Hope you have a wonderful September!

        1. <3 Yes for sure! It definitely seemed more mature and less... middle school boy targeted if that makes sense.

      17. That Harry Potter party looks so cool! Congratulations and best wishes for your wedding! ��