Sunday, July 29, 2018



Have you heard about the #IFASummerChallenge?

I hadn't until just today when Angel sent some information my way! (Thanks, Angel!) What a brilliant idea for a challenge!!

Let's dive in!

The purpose of this challenge to have fun and discover more amazing indie fantasy authors! The Challenge will run until September 20, 2018—last day of summer!

The Rules

The organizers have made this simple:

  • There is no set reading list. 
  • Audiobooks totally count.
  • You can read whatever you want as long as it’s indie fantasy!

How to participate

All you have to do is post about what you're reading and share a few thoughts on the book (without spoilers!) so the rest of the participants can discover more amazing adventures!

The Prizes

The organizers will be doing a tiered winning system, since not all readers read at the same rate. There will be a tier for the winner of whoever reads the most indie fantasy books, and a couple tiers for those who read 0-3 and 4-7, as chosen by a random drawing.

Grand Prize: Multiple signed books and swag
Tier Two: Chance to win a signed book
Tier Three: Chance to win ebooks from some amazing authors.

Join the challenge here:

Thanks for reading!
Will you be taking part in this challenge?


  1. I'd not heard of this before. I'll have to check it out.

  2. This looks fun, and some of those books look fabulous!

    1. Soul Render by T.L. Branson is incredible!! I can't wait to learn more about the other books in the graphic! :)

  3. I've not seen this and if I wasn't doing so many other challenges, I'd definitely check it out. Good luck and I hope you win!

  4. Thank you so much for the share! I am so excited for this challenge! Some of the authors featured are my absolute favorite authors!!

    1. Of course! Thank you for putting it on my radar!!

  5. Ooo I can't wait to hear your thoughts on some indie fantasies!

  6. Fun idea. I love that it's tiered winners, because it's true not everyone can read a ton in a short amount of time!