Saturday, June 16, 2018

[Children's Book Review] That's Not My Bear by Fiona Watt

Book photo of That's Not My Bear by Fiona Watt

That's Not My Bear by Fiona Watt is an absolutely adorable sensory book! It's an extremely quick read, but one that young children would love!

Each of the pages features something on the bear that the child can touch; soft paws, scratch tongue, shiny claws, and more.

My only very small gripe with this one was that one panda bear is too fuzzy, but then the "my bear" ends up being another Panda. I personally think this would have worked better if they had featured a different bear. That, or feature a couple of the same bears, so the panda wasn't the only duplicate (unless you count the cover...). But perhaps I'm being too picky :)

Definitely a fun, quick read! I would recommend this one if you're looking for a book for a young child.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the picture you took with the book! Cute. I love these sensory type of books for kids. That is weird the actual "my bear" is a panda and that's the only duplicate. Oh well! LOL


  2. What an adorable cover! Like Shooting Stars Mag, I too love these types of books for kids. Great review!

  3. The favourtie in our house is that's not my tiger! Not seen this one! Shame about the my bear!

  4. The picture looks so good and I enjoyed your review - I love finding books to read with my niece and think this might be perfect! It is a little weird that the ending bear was a panda after the first one was too fluffy. It sounds fun besides that!

  5. When my niece and nephew were little I loved textured books.

  6. How cute! Neat that it was interactive with the different textures.

  7. This series is so cute! A toddler returned a whole bunch of them to the library the other day and I nearly went into cuteness overload on the spot!

  8. We have a ton of these books at home - from kittens and puppies to tractors and pirates. My daughter loves them!

    1. THey're so cute! I can't wait to check out more!