Friday, January 19, 2018

[Children's Book Review] No Room For Napoleon by Adria Meserve

Children's Book Review of No Room For Napoleon by Adria Meserve

No Room For Napoleon by Adria Meserve is a really cute story filled with lessons to learn.

I picked this one up for an upcoming baby shower, but of course I had to give it a read to make sure it was any good! :)

Let's dive in!

No Room For Napoleon by Adria Meserve

Napoleon is a small brown dog with very big ideas. One day, he lands on a beautiful paradise island. Crab, Bunny and Bear can’t wait to share their island home with their new friend. They are generous and kind and welcoming. But Napoleon has big visions for his future — he destroys the island to build himself a fortress, eats all their food, and bosses them about. Soon, “King” Napoleon finds himself alone and must think hard about the meaning of community and sharing before he can be considered a friend again.

My thoughts:
The artwork is super cute. I loved the style and the texture! The storyline was interesting and packed a bunch of lessons in that would be great for kids!

One thing that I didn't really care for was the use of various font sizes. For the most part, the font is the same size, but there are random words that are bolded or larger. Right on the first page, "big ideas" is larger than the rest, and each letter in "ideas" is larger than the previous. In some places, different text styles worked (like below), but just not in some...

No Room For Napoleon by Adria Meserve photo

My final thoughts:
Overall a cute and fun read! This would definitely be a great one to read out loud to a child, especially one that loves animals!

Thanks for reading! 


  1. That dog is just too darn cute. What an awesome gift to give someone.

    1. Right?! I definitely recommend this book! It was so cute.

  2. I love exploring children's book. This one sounds super cute. What a great gift!

    Lonna @ FLYLÄ“F