Tuesday, August 1, 2017

[Wrap-Up] July 2017

Wrap-Up for July 2017

Phew, what an amazing month July was this year. Not only is July my birthday month, but I also got engaged! With all of the excitement in my personal life, I am pretty shocked to see my final stats for the month.

Let's dive in!

My Reading Breakdown for July:

Monthly Musings:
  • Watching
    • Spider-Man Homecoming
      • I LOVED this movie. I cannot wait to see more of Tom Holland's portrayal of Spidey.
    • Doctor Strange
      • This one was a bit rough for me. I liked the storyline and thought it was a decent first movie to introduce the character. But with all the special effects and the spinning, I couldn't watch a majority of the movie without getting really sick.
    • Castlevania
      • Alex and I binge watched this and we cannot wait for season two! If you haven't already, make sure to check this one out!!
    • Life After Beth
      • This movie was just not for me. I actually watched most of it one click faster than normal speed because I was so bored.
    • The 100 (Season 4)
      • Alex and I are very slowly getting through season four. I'm a bit worried that I'm starting to lose interest. 
    • Young & Hungry (Season 5)
      • Now this show is one that I am totally sick of. It's just the same awful storyline season after season. And my god, the characters are absolutely horrible to one another! I think I'm going to give up on it.
  • Playing:
    • Alex snagged me Tales from the Borderlands when it was free on the PlayStation. I binge played all five episodes in just a couple days. I was so obsessed that at one point I announced to Alex that I couldn't focus on my reading because I kept thinking about the game and had to see how the story ended!
  • Drinking:
    • I've been stuck on either Arnold Palmers with chunks of strawberries or blackberry Izze drinks.
  • Listening to:
    • My Favorite Murder (Podcast)- So spooky! I recently heard about this show and since I listened to the very first episode, I've been totally hooked!
  • In the bookish community: 
    • I have been participating in the Summer Commenting Challenge hosted by Lonna @ FLYLēF and Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense. For the month of July, I was paired with Sassy of Alternative-Read.com and I have had a lovely time getting to know her as we each commented back and forth on each others blogs.
    • I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two book bloggers in real life! We went to the Book Barn in Niantic, CT and had a blast!
  • Looking forward to: 
    • Wedding planning, obviously! :) 
    • Alex and I have also just started learning to code. We did our first few lessons last night. I'm really looking forward to learning more!

In Case You Missed It:

Thanks for reading!
How was your month? Do you have any goals set for August?

For those of you that have followed me for a while now, what do you think about this longer version of my wrap-up?


  1. I'm still so pleased for you, and Alex, getting engaged! You'll never forget such a busy, happy month, that's for sure!

    You've read a lot this month.

    Happy August!

  2. Aw dang you didn't like Life After Beth?! It's one of my favorite movies!! And wasn't Spider-Man amazing?? Awesome reading month E! :D

    1. Ugh, nope. Not at all! haha LOVED Spider-Man!

  3. Congrats on your birthday and your engagement! That is so exciting! Are you planning to see the movie for The Glass Castle. If I remember correctly, you said it was really hard to get through because of how abusive her parents were. Season 4 of the 100 was a bit hard for me to get through as well. These last two seasons have a much slower pace and even though I know things are happening, it doesn't feel like it. So far the second season is still my favorite. Arnold Palmers with strawberries in them sounds amazing. I love Arnold Palmers, and I have never though about adding strawberries!

    Have a great August Erica!! I haven't followed you for a very long time, but I liked the set up of this wrap up.

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, I am definitely planning to see the movie. I'll have to prepare myself because I'm sure it's going to be hard to watch. Yeah, the book was so hard to read, but definitely worth it!

      I 100% agree about the 100! I wish we could go back to the tone and pace of season two! And oh, you'll have to try adding strawberries the next time you have one! If you can, I also recommend making a pitcher of Arnold Palmer, and letting the sliced strawberries soak for awhile. That really gets the flavor going! :)

      Thank you for your feedback! I hope you have a lovely August as well!

  4. I need to read Fahrenheit 451! :) Fabulous post!

    - El @ El's Book Reviews

    1. There's also a graphic novel for Fahrenheit 451! I'm reading it right now and I would highly recommend checking it out if you're into comics! :)

  5. I love my favorite murder, hope you enjoy it!

  6. It does sound like you had an amazing month!! Personally, and for books and movies :) Good luck with the wedding planning!

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  7. What a wonderful month and congrats on your engagement. How exciting! I'm wondering now why I've never heard of the Five Ghosts series. It definitely looks like something I would like. Must see if my library can get it. I wasn't greatly impressed with Doctor Strange. My husband remembered him from the comics and stuff but to me, the movie was my first introduction. I've heard mixed things about the Spiderman movie but know when it hits streaming I'll catch it.

    1. Thank you so much!! :) Oh, if your library can get the Five Ghosts series, I definitely recommend it! I hope you love Spider-Man as much as I did!! :)

  8. Looks like you had a great month! Birthday and engagement! So exciting!

    I kinda agree about Young & Hungry - they really are running out of storylines! Sorry you didn't like The Truth About Happily Ever After - I really loved that one!

    1. :) Oh darn, yeah... I think I just may have picked The Truth About Happily Ever After up at a bad time. Maybe I'll give it another shot :)