Thursday, July 13, 2017

[Book Tour] Even Halos Can Be Crooked by L.M. Schukraft

I am so excited to be taking part in the book tour for Even Halos Can Be Crooked! I read this book back in March when the author approached me for an honest review exchange. I really enjoyed it! If you're looking for a hysterical paranormal romance, you need to check this one out!

Book cover of Even Halos Can Be Crooked by L.M. Schukraft

Even Halos Can Be Crooked
by L.M. Schukraft
Genre: Paranormal Romance Mystery

Even Halos Can Be Crooked is the first book in a brand new series created by L. M. Schukraft. This novel is an unconventional, contemporary paranormal romance mystery. Combining fantasy with reality, L. M. Schukraft takes the reader on an adventure as her main character, Autumn, wakes up from a near death experience to discover Angels are real. Devils and Demons do exist. And her halo is crooked!

Autumn faces demons, scary Cerberus descendants bred in hell, Fallen Angels and devils as she tries to straighten out her halo. The Heavens themselves have tasked her with saving another Crooked Halos soul. Autumn doesn’t have a clue how she’s supposed to do this and is thankful for the help she has along the way.

Follow Autumn on this fantastical battle for her soul…. 

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About L.M. Schukraft
    L.M. Schukraft is a long time writer, first time novelist, and passive blogger.

    She loves dancing, almost anything mint flavored, and spending time with her son. She follows the twin Gemini characteristics by being a contrast of a home body and wanting to go out and have fun. Staying at home, reading a book for hours is definitely something that she looks forward to after a long day. Now, she's working on learning to balance writing the next novel and taking care of her son, along with the everyday life basics.

    Schukraft is a picky reader. She has a few authors that she follows and reads regularly. At one point, she was reading 35 different book series. If you're looking for suggestions of great romances, paranormals, fantasies, mysteries, or books that include all of those, she is happy to share recommendations!

Silver Dagger Book Tours- Even Halos Can Be Crooked by L.M. Schukraft

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  1. Sounds a lot of fun!

    Love your review, too :)

  2. This does sound really good! It's going on my tbr! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. :)