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[Book Review] Shadows of Night by L.D. Goffigan

Book Review of Shadows of Night by L.D. Goffigan

Now that I've cruised through The Beast of London and Fortress of Blood, I could finally check out the short story collection that L.D. Goffigan sent through her newsletter.

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Note: If you have not read The Beast of London and Fortress of Blood, do not continue on with this review. There will be spoilers!

Shadows of Night by L.D. Goffigan

Shadows of Night by L.D. Goffigan

This was such a fun little read! There were two stories included here, which give us a little more insight into the series. One focused on Lucy while the other was from Gabriel's perspective. 

Story summaries: 

A Night in Whitechapel
Poor Lucy! She runs off to visit her cousin Isabelle after having a row with her husband, Arthur. While in a sketchy part of town she runs into a vampire... and since we've all read books one and two, we know how this turns out.

A Night in Budapest 
In this story we follow Gabriel as he travels to Budapest. Once there, he runs into Matyas, who really doesn't like hybrids. Just in the nick of time, Radu Draculesti intervenes and brings Gabriel back to his home. Once there, Gabriel learns of attacks on humans that have been increasing in frequency. Worried about his sister, Mina, he returns to London. 

My final thoughts:
While I enjoyed reading these two very short stories, I do wish they were a lot longer so they could have added more depth to the series. I especially wanted more from Gabriel's perspective! I've definitely got my fingers crossed for more short stories from this author! 

I would give this collection three stars. 

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