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[How To] Setting Up Google Analytics On Your Book Blog

How To Set Up Google Analytics On Your Book Blog

While many blogging platforms offer their own set of statistics, nothing goes as in depth as Google Analytics. Whether you are just starting out, or a more seasoned blogger, setting up a Google Analytics account can help you dive deeper into your data.

The best part? Google Analytics is FREE.

So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get you set up!

Setting Up Google Analytics On Your Book Blog

Setting Up A Google Analytics Account

If you don’t already have a Google account, you will need to set one up. If you already have an account, all you have to do is log in.

Then follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Google Analytics.
  2. On the top right, click “Sign In.” This will open a drop down. 
  3. Click the first option, “Analytics.” 
  4. Then click “Sign Up.” 
  5. On the next screen, you will be given choice to choose between a website or mobile app. Make sure to select website.
  6. Next, you will fill in the following for your property:
    • Account Name 
    • Website Name 
    • Website URL 
    • Industry Category
    • Reporting Time Zone
  7. Click “Get Tracking ID.” 
  8. You will be then get a pop-up with the Google Analytics terms and service. To move forward, you must agree, so review the text if you would like and then click on the "I Agree" button.
  9. This will direct you to the code that you need to add to your blog. If you keep this window open, jump down to your specific blog platform below.

Finding Your Google Analytics Tracking ID

Oops! You closed the Google Analytics window. No worries! I'll direct you back to your code.
  1. Log back into Google Analytics
  2. Once you are signed in, click the gear icon on the bottom left to access the Admin panel. 
  3. In the second column, click “Tracking Info,” then “Tracking Code.”
    • If your platform has a specific place for a GA code, you can use the Tracking ID code.
    • If your platform does not have a specific place for a GA code, you will need to use the code under Website tracking. 
NOTE: This code needs to be on every page of your blog for it to record data properly. Many blogs will have a widget or settings area where you can add your code that is built to spread the code onto each page.

Adding Your Code To Blogger

Blogger makes it incredibly easy to set up Google Analytics for your blog! All you have to do after creating your GA account is:
  1. Log into Blogger.
  2. Scroll down in the left sidebar and click “Settings.”
  3. In the drop down, click “Other.” 
  4. On that page, scroll to the bottom and insert your code in the box next to “Analytics Web Property ID."
  5. Celebrate how easy that was!

Adding Your Code To Wordpress

I personally have not used Wordpress for years other than to simply comment on blogs that I follow. So as far as I know here, you need to install a plugin, unless you have opted to pay for an account. Check out this great blog post to get step-by-step instructions to install a header and footer plugin or a plugin from MonsterInsights.

If you do have a paid account, you can follow these steps:
  1. Log into WordPress.
  2. Click "My Sites." If you have more than one site here, select the specific one that you have created the Google Analytics account for.
  3. Scroll down in the left sidebar and click “Settings.”
  4. In that window, select "Traffic" along the top navigation.
  5. Scroll down to Google Analytics and click "Add Google Analytics."
  6. This will then walk you through the process.

Adding Your Code To Squarespace

Squarespace is another platform that makes adding a Google Analytics a breeze!

  1. Log into Squarespace.
  2. In the sidebar, click "Settings."
  3. Scroll to find "Website."
  4. Under that subheading, click "Advanced."
  5. Click "External Services."
  6. Paste your Tracking ID code where it is indicated.

Adding Your Code To Paid Domains

Unfortunately the process here will vary depending on your hosting platform. Some platforms may have a specific area where you can add the code, but others may be more of a process. Check out the Google Analytics article for adding the JavaScript code, or simply Google "Adding Google Analytics code to [name of your hosted platform]" to find a step-by-step process. 

Thanks for reading!
If you have any questions about Google Analytics integration with your book blog, feel free to comment below! I will try my best to answer ;-)

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