Sunday, April 9, 2017

[Book Review] Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough book review

Very early on I debated DNFing this book...but yet again, I pushed through because I had high hopes that it would get suspenseful and intense. It didn't. I thought that this entire book was incredibly boring.

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

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This book is from the perspective of two characters- Adele and Louise.

Adele is having trouble with her husband. Though they have just moved to town for a "fresh start" things don't seem to be going very well. Louise is a single mom who hooked up with a man at a bar one night. This man turns out to be married… and her new boss. Yes, the husband and the boss are one in the same. When the two women become friends without telling the man, things get complicated.

My thoughts:
I liked that this book swapped between the two perspectives while sprinkling some flashbacks in here and there. It added a nice layer to the story and at least kept me reading and interested for a short while.

Beware, the negatives:
So first off, both of the main characters whose perspectives the book is written from are horrible people. One is manipulative and the other is just plain pathetic. The main male role is also a disgusting human. So there was absolutely nothing I liked about any of the characters in this book.

I also didn’t like the storyline. It was so boring to me. And really, not much happened. It wasn't suspenseful to me in the slightest.

This book was horribly repetitive. It was all the same old thoughts by the same person over and over and over again. I mean, holy god... How many times do I have to read that Adele loves David, or that what Louise was doing was wrong?

When things blew up in the characters faces, I wanted to scream “WELL WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?!” And take this line for example, “Suddenly, this is all very real.” What?! Are you joking?! What was it before? A game? I so unimpressed.

I had heard that there was a twist, so I kept reading. When I finally made it, I was not thrilled. I definitely felt like I wasted my time reading this book (and I absolutely hate saying that!).

Favorite passage:
My feet are already aching in my two-inch heels. I always thought it was something you grew into, that ability to walk perfectly in high heels and always dress well. As it turns out – for me anyway – there's a small phase of that in the nightclubbing years of your twenties and then it's mainly jeans and jumpers and Converse with the ponytail, accessorized with life-envy of those who can still be bothered to make the effort.

My final thoughts:
I did not like this book. I gave it one star. However, I think this type of book simply isn't for me.

I would recommend this book to fans of Gone Girl. This is the first time I have ever made that statement... but it is very fitting; horrible characters making stupid decisions and sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, complete with a silly "twist" ending that really isn't that interesting.

Thanks for reading!


  1. How crazy out of this world was that ending? And the scene with her son...made me cringe!