Thursday, April 13, 2017

10 Things In The Book World That I Am Tired Of

bookish rant 10 Things In The Book World That I Am Tired Of

As you can see from the title, this post is going to be quite negative. I debated whether or not I actually wanted to post it…but I decided to just go for it.

So first things first: I think the book community overall is a very amazing place! There are so many incredible people out there that are positive, fun, and really work to create a wonderful atmosphere.

In the last few years, I have made more of an effort to get involved. To do this, I created this blog on Blogger, followed a number of other blogs using platforms such as Bloglovin’, joined numerous groups on Facebook, followed many accounts on Twitter, and other such things.

But of course… with any type of community, there are some downfalls and things that irk me personally.

Before continuing on, please keep in mind that these are all things that I personally do not like. They are in no particular order.

10 Things In The Book World That I Am Tired Of

Bashing people that don’t like to read. 
Not everyone likes to read. That. Will. Always. Be. Okay. It absolutely amazes me to see all of the posts where readers call people who don’t read "ignorant" or "stupid." Each time I see one of these posts, I want to comment “You’re joking, right?”

Readers posting to ask how they can “make” someone they know enjoy reading. 
This is very closely related to the first point above. I have a very strong stance on this: you should never try to force someone to read; Try to inspire them to read instead. Trying to force someone to read will only backfire, and possibly make them dislike reading even more.

Which book/author is the best posts.
Everyone has their own preferences. No book or author is ever going to be considered "THE BEST” by everyone. And yet, these posts are all over the place. There are occasions where I have seen interesting debate on some of these threads! But the vast majority of the posts I see become negative very quickly and are filled with comments like “that book sucks,” or “that author sucks,” and then continues on with people stating their opinion as if it were fact. Those threads just aren’t very constructive.

Shaming people for what they do or do not like reading.
I just can't deal with this at all. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions and yes, some books are just super problematic. You can say your piece about not liking the book, you can point out the flaws, but please do not make fun of someone for liking or disliking anything.

Kindle/eReader bashing.
There really isn’t much to say here. Who cares if someone prefers a lightweight tech object over a physical paper copy? It’s all reading!

Book hauls.
Of course there are many people that really enjoy these types of posts. I am just not one of them. I find book hauls to be so boring. And sometimes they straight up annoy me because they cross over from just a show and tell to a post or video that is more bragging based. I have never been one to deal well with bragging. And yes, I know I did a Christmas Haul post. But guess what, it is currently the blog with the lowest number of views on my site! ;)

Asking whether a book is “worth reading.”
It makes me so sad to see someone asking this question about a particular book, only to get negative comments from people that didn’t like it, and then continue on to say that they aren’t going to read the book after all. Everyone has a different preference. How will random people on the internet know whether or not you’ll like a specific book? You won’t know if a book is “worth reading” until you try it!

Talking about rereading like it's a bad thing.
Why?! That's all I've got for this one... I mean, haven't you ever watched the same movie more than once?

Readers thinking that the authors owe them something.
I will just never understand the thought process here. Take people rushing an author for the next book in a series. Don't get me wrong, I understand the frustration of waiting. But to go out of your way to angrily tweet at the author to tell them to hurry up? I see a book as a work of art, and you cannot rush art.

The constant debate over dog-earring/highlighting/writing in books.
This is something I've seen a lot of recently and I'm getting so very tired of it. I wish we could all just agree that 1) people can do whatever they want to the books that they own, and 2) that library books should not be dog-eared, written in, or damaged in any way. Leave the book in good shape for the next reader!

Thanks for reading!

What are your personal bookish irks?

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  1. I totally agree on the statements!
    Definitely agree that people can do whatever they like with their books. I do hate it when the kids in my classroom make dog-ears in my books, the ones they borrow! :( I teach them to treat books that are not yours with respect on at a very young age :)

    Keep up the book-love!

    1. That's so great! I hope your students listen :) <3

  2. YESSSS to pretty much all of these!! Especially the last one! People need to let others do what they want with their possessions! Books cannot feel pain, and there are so many copies of so many books in the world!

  3. Totally agree with most of those! Although I kind of enjoy haul posts :) for me, it's a way to find out what's new and interesting. I never do a haul-only post though, it just goes in my weekly updates with everything else.

    1. :) I think that's a great way to do hauls! When they're stand alone they're a bit much for me. But I do pay more attention to them when they're woven into something else. Thanks for stopping by!