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[Graphic Novel Review] Giant Days, Vol. 3

Giant Days, Vol. 3 Graphic Novel Review

Giant Days Vol 3 is by far my favorite in the series so far!

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Giant Days, Vol. 3
by John Allison, Max Sarin (Illustrations), Whitney Cogar (Colorist), Jim Campbell (Letterer), Lissa Treiman (Cover Artist)

Giant Days, Vol. 3  by John Allison image

I loved everything about this volume; the humor, the artwork, the flow. It was all so wonderful! 

The characters were their usual quirky selves and I loved each situation that they had to deal with. 

While the artwork was slightly different, I actually really liked the change! I loved that the characters expressions and the backgrounds when they are experiencing extreme emotions were taken to an even higher level when compared to the other two volumes. Examples:

Giant Days Vol 3 emotion panel

I also absolutely loved how the night sequence was illustrated! Just looking at the pages made me feel a little woozy! Which I thought was very impressive!

Giant Days, Vol. 3 night sequence panel

From an organizational standpoint, I thought that this volume did a much better job keeping the chapters (or issues) focused rather than trying to cram too much into each one. I also really appreciated that this time there were little "Two Weeks Later" boxes added when there was a sudden time jump. This was so helpful!

My only complaint was that a few of the dialogue lines repeated themselves. Which I think could have been avoided. (Yet again, just a personal irk.)

My final thoughts:

I would definitely recommend this volume, but only if you have read the other two first to help you get to know the characters. I gave this one five stars!

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