Sunday, February 5, 2017

[Book Tag] The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

unpopular opinions book tag

I haven't yet seen any snarky comments on other posts like this, but just wanted to remind everyone that this is all my personal opinion. And I'm not saying anything in my list is "bad," it was all just a miss for me.


The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

A Popular Book You Didn’t Like: 

The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle

I heard SO many people raving about this book this year…but it was a total miss for me. I thought the description sounded interesting. Right on the inside of the book jacket it says, "a haunting, untethered, addictive read" but I didn't find it to be any of those at all. I almost added it to my DNF list, but I was already more than halfway through, so I pushed forward… I had SO many issues with this book… Too many to go into here.

A Book Series That Everyones Hates But You Love:

Hmm, I’m struggling with this one. Looking at ratings on Goodreads, it appears that people aren’t huge fans of The Zodiac Legacy by Stan Lee, Sutart Moore and Andie Tong. But I absolutely LOVED the first book. The second one was just as fun. I am impatiently waiting for book 3!

A Love Triangle Where the MC Ends Up With The Person You Didn’t Want Them To End Up With:
I HATE HATE HATE love triangles. But… I definitely have to go with The Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver. No spoilers here though :)

A Popular Book Genre You Rarely Reach For: 


I have a really hard time enjoying romance novels because of how cheesy they seem to me. However, I have read a couple of good ones this year and I am planning to read at least 4 romance books in the month of February.

A Popular Character You Didn’t Like:

Celaena Sardothien from the Throne Of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

I like the books and the storylines are interesting, but I just can’t bring myself to like the main character. A friend has told me that her personality will make more sense soon, but unfortunately for now I’ve bumped the series to the bottom of my TBR list.

A Popular Author You Can’t Seem To Get Into: 

Cassandra Clare

I’ve been trying to read The Mortal Instruments series, but so far, I’ve rated books 1-3 with just two stars apiece… I wish I could get more into it because a lot of my reading friends love this series. But I just don't see it happening.

A Popular Trope You’re Tired of Seeing:

The love triangle 

My god. It’s been done so much I am just incredibly sick of it. So sick of it that if I read a description about how there is a love triangle, I may remove the book from my TBR (or at least bump it to the very bottom).

A Popular Series You Have No Interest In Reading: 

Fifty Shades of Grey

I have zero interest in this book. Just not my thing.

The Saying Goes, “The Book Is Always Better Than The Movie,” But What Movie Do You Prefer To The Book?: 

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

I really did not like the book, giving it only one star. In the book, I didn't like any of the characters, the humor made me cringe, and the storyline seemed forced and bits and pieces seemed to come out of nowhere. I also absolutely could not stand all the random violent hatred for the book that the main character kept bringing up. I wouldn't have given the movie a chance, but I had already received it as my Netflix DVD in the mail. Luckily I enjoyed the movie SO MUCH more! I would give the movie three stars. So far, this is the only situation where I can personally say I liked the movie more than the book.

Thanks for reading!
I know this can be a difficult post to read. Especially if someone really disliked a book that you liked. But while you were reading these prompts, did any books immediately come to mind? If so, which ones? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. :)

If you haven't yet been tagged, but would like to do this one; consider yourself tagged!


  1. Gahhh Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is awful! At least the movie improved it slightly!