Tuesday, February 14, 2017

[Top 10 Tuesday] Romance Tropes That I Enjoy

top 10 tuesday romance tropes I enjoy

Oh, romance tropes... There are SO many that I am incredibly sick of. The first, of course, is the love triangle. I also cannot stand any romance trop where lying, cheating, poor treatment, or any other negative thing is the main focus. I mean, just think about the typical “jerk” in YA. This person is so horrible to the main character, but for some reason they keep ending up together. I’m sorry, but what?! What is this teaching teen readers?

Romance tends to be a genre that I avoid because of the overuse of the tropes that I cannot stand. However, I have recently made more of an effort to find romance books that feature tropes that I actually do like.

Top 10 Tuesday: Romance Tropes That I Enjoy

This week's prompt:
All About Romance Tropes/Types- top ten favorite hate-to-love romances (from books, movies, or tv), top ten favorite (or least favorite) instalove romances, favorite slow-burn romances, favorite star crossed lovers, etc. 

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10. Jilted Bride Or Groom 
This one can be very tricky. I think being left at the altar is horribly sad, and I cannot stand when either the jilted person or the “hero" makes moves too quickly. What I do enjoy, is when being jilted saves the main character from marrying the wrong person. I also really enjoy when the “hero” swoops in to help and then their friendship slowly turns into love.

9. Redemption 
This one is a bit iffy for me. I really enjoy this trope when the person who needs redemption did something not-so-great, but has been working to be better ever since. You know, someone that really realized they did something wrong. However, this does not work for me if the focus is about one character cheating on the other and trying to regain trust. No thank you.

8. Forbidden Love 
We’ve all see it; some outside force tries to keep two lovers apart, but the couple is willing to fight for each other. I don’t always enjoy the reason why the two are being kept apart, but I do really enjoy seeing two characters fight so hard for love!

7. Office Romance 
I can’t help it, I’m just a sucker for this trope. I totally blame Sarah and Karl from Love Actually, even if Sarah really needed to get it together.

6. On The Road 
I really enjoy this trope when the characters are total strangers before the trip. This may be the case when the characters get stranded in an airport together, stuck on a train during a major storm, need to share a rental car, or anything like like that. I also enjoy when the two characters are acquaintances but never had the chance to really talk, but the long trip/delay allows them to finally form a relationship.

5. Return To A Hometown 
I can’t help it, I just think there is something so sweet about this trope! The only time I dislike it is when the love interest moves back and is too cool for school, and the other person needs to bring them back down to earth.

4. A Accidental Romance While Visiting
This one was hard to word… But I’m talking about the characters that either takes a trip to a random place to clear their head, or a character that visits a friend or family member in a town they have never been to before. Once the main character gets to where they are going, they accidentally fall in love with someone in the town. A wonderful example of this is in The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald.

3. A Cinderella Story
When I think of this trope, I am specifically thinking of a situation where a character loses something. I'm not talking about the wicked stepmother and stepsisters. This trope can be done in a number of ways; a woman can lose a shoe, or drop a journal on the subway. One absolutely lovely example of this occurs in The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain.

2. Friendship That Turns Into Love
I absolutely adore this romance trope. But only if there isn’t too much back and forth when it comes to discovering how the two feel about each other. An good example of this occurred in A List of Cages. There was a small bit of drama, but it didn’t last long before the two figured things out.

1. Love At First Sight
I can’t help it. I’m a sucker and I totally believe in love at first sight. However, this trop is incredibly overdone. So I very rarely find a book where the love at first sight is believable and not just another insta-love story.

Thanks for reading!
Did I mention any of your favorite romance tropes? If so, which ones? I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments section below. Happy Valentines day!


  1. Oooh brilliant list!! I especially love "Office Romance" and "Friendship".
    Friendship is my absolute favourite - it's so beautiful when done right :)

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  2. Friendship that turns into love is such a big one for me! It helps there be less of a chance of unrealistic inta-love!