Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Favorite BookTube Channels, Part 2

my favorite booktube channels part 2

After posting My Favorite BookTube Channels, I received a number of really awesome recommendations. (Thanks again everyone!)

In this edition, I will be talking about five more channels that I really enjoy. And again, these are not the only channels that I subscribe to. Perhaps I will do a part three sometime in the future! 😀

My Favorite BookTube Channels, Part 2


chapterstacks booktube channel recommendation

I really should have included her in my first post about BookTubers because she is one of the first channels that I ever subscribed to. So, needless to say, I have been watching her for a while now. Her content is so lovely and she isn't afraid to be totally honest with her reviews. I absolutely love that she is really interested horror! I have read so many books after watching her do a  review or talk about a list of favorites.

I also really enjoy her opening sequence. The opening music is my favorite of all the BookTubers I watch. It's simple, but also interesting, and I look forward to hearing it when I boot up each video. I also love the tree branch shelf feature! Very well done.

Check out chapterstacks.


the poptimist booktube channel recommendation

The first thing that I noticed when watching ThePoptimist was the quality of his videos. It all looks and sounds so great! In one of his videos, I learned that he uses an actual podcasting microphone. I really appreciate the steps he has taken to make sure his videos are such high quality. His voice is also very soothing, so I love listening to him. And his content is always so interesting to me!

Check out ThePoptimist.


Benjaminoftomes booktube channel recommendation

Benjamin is another BookTuber that is just an absolute joy to watch because he is so upbeat and animated! The way he recommends books that he enjoys makes me want to read them all… even if I’m not actually interested in the book itself!

His excitement is just so infectious! And when he sings…perfection. Example here.

Check out Benjaminoftomes.

Thoughts on Tomes

Thoughts on Tomes booktuber channel recommendation

When I first saw Sam's channel, I was immediately drawn in by her overall design and video thumbnail typography. It all just looked so well put together! Then when I clicked a video, my first thought was: Sam has a great voice! If she were to ever get sick of creating videos, I hope that she would create a podcast.

I absolutely love that Sam has a Top 5 Wednesday series. I look forward to these videos every week! She actually inspired me to take part in these types of posts here on my blog.

When it comes to her book reviews, I think it is so awesome that she will do a spoiler free review, followed up with a gripe or a gush, depending on how she felt about a book. She also creates really wonderful lists like Favorite & Least Favorite Book Couples of 2016, and Diverse Booktuber Recommendations.

Check out Thoughts on Tomes.


justkissmyfrog booktube channel recommendation

This woman absolutely rules. Not only does she have wonderful BookTube videos, she also has a number videos about life in general. I admire how perfectly honest Leena is, especially when she discusses body positivity and such!

Check out justkissmyfrog.

Thanks for reading!
I'm still always looking for new channels to check out. So feel free to leave me some recommendations in the comments section below.

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  2. I love chapterstackss and justkissmyfrog! They're so great!