Monday, January 9, 2017

My Favorite Hot Teas

my favorite hot teas

Say what?! Hot tea has a month?

Weird? Sure... Awesome? OH YES!

As you can probably assume from my blog’s main image, I’m totally a tea person. I start and end my days with a cup of tea- caffeinated black in the morning, and herbal at night. And of course I drink various kinds throughout the day.

So in honor of “Hot Tea Month” I thought I would put together a post about the different teas that I enjoy.

My Favorite Hot Teas

Caffeinated Teas

PG Tips
This is my go-to caffeinated black tea (literally drinking a cup as I write up this blog post). In my opinion, it has the perfect black tea taste. I start almost every single morning with a cup or two. Most afternoons around 3:30, I find myself drinking another cup.

An interesting thing with this tea is the shape of the tea bag. It isn’t your “typical” tea bag; it’s more triangular to give the tea more room to move and steep properly.

It’s a tea that immediately transports me to The Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester, England… Man, I hope to travel there again someday!

Bonus: this tea is fully rainforest alliance certified.

Bigelow English Teatime
Another really awesome caffeinated black tea. This is usually the tea I travel with because it comes in the individually sealed packages. I have actually washed quite a few of these teabag packages because I have been known to throw one in my jacket pocket before leaving the house, just to forget about it when I put in a load of wash. (I know, what a waste!)

The taste is very smooth. The packaging is really lovely. This tea is also tagged with an certification logo, this one is the “Ethical Tea Partnership.”

Twinings English Breakfast
Yet another great caffeinated black tea! For some reason, I think of this one as a classic tea. Which must be a common thought because when I tell people that I drink English Breakfast black tea, this is the one brand that I end up being gifted almost every christmas and birthday (zero complaints there! Thanks guys!).

Bigelow Salted Caramel Tea
I saw Bigelow post about this tea on their social media a full year before I could find it at a store near me. When I finally found it... I bought a box, tried it, loved it, and immediately went back to the store to buy eight more boxes. My boyfriend thought I was crazy! But I was so worried that it was just a seasonal thing. I was very happy to see it on the shelves in standard packaging rather than the fall special packaging.

But trust me, if you like black tea and caramel, you have to try this! It’s not overly flavored, which is why I love it so much. You can definitely taste and smell the caramel, but it isn’t overpowering.

Golden Monkey
This tea... I tried it for the first time when my stepdad bought me a cup at a local cafe in Camden, Maine. It almost totally spoiled me. I couldn't drink my regular black tea for days afterward! This tea had such a unique flavor overall feel to it. I'm really not sure how to explain it. But it made all my other teas seem bland in comparison.

I drink this tea very rarely because it is a bit pricy. I have only purchased an ounce of the loose leaf tea for myself one time, and then I drank it very sparingly until it ran out.

Salada White Tea
I’m super picky about my white teas. This is the first one I tried that I liked, so I make sure to always have it on hand. It’s a nice tea to drink when I want a caffeine bump, but don’t feel like drinking a black tea.

White Monkey
Unlike what you may assume from the name of this tea, this one is actually a green tea. It is called "white" because it brews smoothly like a white tea. This one has a bit of a sweet taste. This is another that I drink very sparingly because I don't have easy access to it. My mom has actually bought me the two tins that I have of it from a local shop in her town.

Bigelow Plantation Mint
This is a black tea blended with spearmint leaves. I was never a huge mint tea person until I tried this one. It's lovely! I love the mix of black tea and mint. I've had a few people suggest that I try this as iced tea during the summer, but I haven't just yet. Someday I will, because I'm sure it's amazing!

Tazo Zen 
This caffeinated green tea is blended with spearmint and lemongrass. I enjoy this one from time to time, but sometimes the lemongrass is just too much for me. However, if you make this during the summertime and mix it with's delicious.

Tazo Awake English Breakfast
If you need a strong caffeine boost, I would highly recommend this caffeinated black tea. This one has a stronger taste than the other black teas I drink, but it is still very enjoyable.

Bigelow American Breakfast
If you're looking for an insane caffeine boost...this is it. This tea is advertised as having 50% more caffeine that other similar teas. I originally purchased this tea because I read that a portion of the proceeds goes to support our troops.

I drank this tea for a few months back when I had 4 different jobs while also going to school and traveling a lot. The caffeine really helped me out for awhile there! But I had to stop because all that caffeine would make me shake like I had just taken my inhaler.

Herbal/Caffeine Free Teas

Salada & Bigelow Green Teas
These are my two go-to green teas. They are both awesome! Though to be totally honest, I can't really taste a difference between them. Someday I will have to do a side by side tasting. These were the very first teas I ever drank. When I had my first cup, I absolutely hated it. A couple years later, I tried one of the green tea's again and loved it. I sometimes struggle with green teas because some are just so harsh. These are both nice and smooth.

Salada Naturally Decaffeinated Black Tea
Because sometimes I just need a black tea without the caffeine! 😀

Peppermint Carrington Tea
This tea is very simple, but powerfully minty. I really enjoy this one when I'm not feeling well or need to settle my stomach.

Celestial Seasonings Chamomile
This is one of my favorite bedtime/relaxing teas. The chamomile is absolutely lovely! It's very smooth.

Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile
This is another of my favorite bedtime/relaxing teas. Like I said above, the chamomile is lovely. But in this one, the honey vanilla gives it a nice twist. It's not strongly flavored, but stronger than the regular chamomile.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime
This tea I will only drink right before bed because it has never failed to relax me to the point of wanting to go to bed. This tea is a blend of chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn, and rosebuds. The packaging of this tea is absolutely adorable.

Traditional Medicinals Roasted Dandelion Root
This tea has a lovely dark woody taste. However, it is a pretty strong taste, so if you prefer lighter teas, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

This tea helps to “get the juices flowing” meaning it gently stimulates the liver and helps to support healthy digestion. It’s always my go to after a night of drinking, no matter how many or few drinks I’ve had. As for the digestion, I’ve never had a problem with this tea, but I do limit myself to just one cup a day because my digestive system is very sensitive.

Alvita Dandelion Root Tea
Compared to the Roasted Dandelion Root tea above, this one is much lighter. So if you're looking for a tea with these benefits, but didn't like a tea with a really strong taste, I would highly recommend this one.

Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf
Ladies, this tea should always be in your cabinet. Not only is it absolutely delicious, it promotes healthy menstruation and can help with menstrual cramps! When I am dealing with "that time of the month," you can bet I am brewing cup after cup of this tea!

The taste isn’t overdone like other raspberry teas. Instead, this one is a more mildly flavored tea while still being full bodied. It’s so lovely. I would highly recommend it!

Traditional Medicinals Chamomile with Lavender
This is one of my go-to bedtime teas. It’s so smooth and the lavender is a lovely addition. When you first brew it, you will be blown away by how great it smells. Drinking it is even better!

This tea helps to settle your system. So while I use it as a bedtime tea, I have also reached for it in the middle of the day when my anxiety starts getting the best of me.

Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Plus
Think you’re getting a cold or been around someone that had a cold? Drink this tea! On the Traditional Medicinals website, they say that this tea’s herbal power, “gets the immune system fired up.”

I’m not sure exactly how to describe the taste of this tea. It’s very different from anything else I drink… On the company website, is says that the taste of this tea is “mildly minty, with a twist of citrus.”

Thanks for reading!
I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of teas... But these are all the teas that I have in our cabinets right now. Did I mention your favorite tea? I'd love to hear your thoughts about tea in general (what you like, don't like, want to try, etc.) in the comments section below!


  1. I recently tried the Republic of Tea Blackberry Sage and it was excellent! :)

  2. I LOVE chai!! My favorite was the chocolate chai from Teavana, but it's no longer an option since they're going out of business :-(