Monday, January 2, 2017

My Favorite Bookish Mobile Apps

my favorite bookish mobile apps

Let's talk about bookish mobile apps!

Over the years, I have tried a number of apps. Some I used for a few days but ended up deleting rather quickly, while others have have stuck around. I know the app store can be a bit daunting, so I wanted to discuss my four favorite bookish mobile apps that I would highly recommend to any reader.*

*Note: I use these apps on an iPhone, so some things may differ on the android platform. Sorry about that!

My Favorite Bookish Mobile Apps


goodreads mobile appEven though I mainly use goodreads on my laptop, I just had to grace this list with the app.

On the goodreads mobile app you have many of the same features as the web version, which is very nice to have on the go if needed. But with the app, there is one main feature that I use all the time- the scanner.

The scanner allows you to simply scan the barcode of a book and it will pull up the goodreads listing! How handy is that?!

This feature has been so helpful to me when I am at the library and see a book that sounds familiar, but can’t remember if I’ve already read it or just added it to my TBR. I also use this feature a lot when I am browsing a book store and want to easily add books to my TBR list.

Download goodreads on Android or iOS.


litsy mobile app
This app is like a combination of goodreads and Instagram, so of course I am obsessed. It’s very clean and simple, which I absolutely love.

When posting, you can select one of of three categories; Review, Blurb, or Quote. Then you select the book that you want to post about. After that, you can upload an image and write a short amount of text. Each category only allows you to use a certain number characters, which helps keep things from becoming too cluttered.

One of my favorite features of this app is the main page, which only shows the posts from the people that I follow. I love this because I’m not seeing posts from accounts that I’m not really interested in.

I also love that you can simply tap on the book title in the post header and you can see a feed of all the posts that tag that book. Tip: You may want to avoid using this feature unless you have finished the book first in order to avoid spoilers. Most people in this community are really great about tagging their posts with the spoiler warning. Check out the adorable screen you’ll get when tagging a post as a spoiler:

Litsy spoiler warning

Follow me! My Litsy username is ericarobynreads.

Download Listsy on Android or iOS.

Books Amino 

books amino mobile appI love this app because you can post anything book or writing related (personally, I stick to bookish things). I used this app as my main book blogging account in 2016; so this is where I posted my book reviews, book tags, and other such bookish things. The post categories that are available include: blogs, links, favorites, polls, questions, and public chats.

My favorite feature of this app is the “Following” tab, which shows you a feed of only the people you choose to follow. I check this tab multiple times a day to see what “my people” are up to.

There is also a main page called the “Front Page”, which is a feed of featured posts that are hand selected by the amino curators. There is another tab called "Latest" where you see the most recent posts that have been made. Both the Front Page and the Latest tab are helpful when you want to find new accounts to follow and/or join in discussions on various posts that interest you.

Even though there aren’t very many formatting options (bolding, centering, adding images/GIF’s), I love how easy it is to use the options available to format a post on this app. For example, if you wanted to bold a header, you just tap and hold and then select “Bold” and the formatting is done for you. If you want to add a GIF, all you have to do is tap and hold where you want the GIF to appearing your post, and then a menu will pop up that allows you to search a GIF database.

The community here is also pretty great. I follow a lot of great accounts and I love to see the conversations that happen on various posts. Overall, I think the community is a very positive place, which is always great!

Sidenote: There are many different Amino apps available in the app store. I recently downloaded an app called “Amino” that houses each of the Aminos I have created an account in. So while I have the Books Amino main app on my phone, I also have Amino which I use to navigate to two other Aminos; Book Blogging and Comics.

Follow me! My Books Amino username is Erica Robyn. UPDATE: I no longer use this app.

Download Books Amino on Android or iOS.

Books by Sort It! Apps 

books by sort it mobile appI recently downloaded this app after my previous free cataloging app (Libib) kept crashing on me and losing my collections. However, I am using the PAID version of this app. You can still use the free version to get a feel for it, but there are a number of features you can only access if you pay a one time fee of $5.99 (which, so far, I think is totally worth it).

I immediately loved this app so much that I didn’t even think twice about paying to unlock the full version. I can’t remember the last app I actually paid to use…so I think that says a lot!

This app is so easy to use it’s amazing. You can use your phone’s camera to scan the barcode of a book to save it to your library. If a book hasn’t been uploaded to the database,  or a listing is missing information that you have, the paid version allows you to edit the listing. Each book listing is very detailed covering everything from title and author, to publisher and total page number, and many others.

My favorite feature of Books is that you can add books to various collections. So for example, if I wanted to tag a book as “Comic” and “Walking Dead,” all I would have to do is create those two collections then tap each when I am creating the specific book listing. The app will then allow you to sort my collection to easily view which books you have added to each.

Download Books on Android or iOS.

Thanks for reading!
What bookish apps do you use? I am always looking for new bookish apps. So if you use a bookish app that I didn’t mention above, feel free to let me know in the comments section below!


  1. I use Goodreads and just signed up for a litsy account and am trying to figure that all out but you already know this 😉 gonna have to check the rest out for sure!

    1. :-D Litsy is definitely my favorite one! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Litsy sounds so cute! I'm not talented when it comes to Instagram-style posts, but I may still have to check them out a little later in the year :)

    1. It's definitely a fun platform! However, you don't have to share images if you don't want to; you could just post text! I'd definitely recommend checking it out :) Let me know your username if you do decide to create an account.