Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Fandom Identification Card

my fandom identification card

I have a confession; I am a total sucker for personality quizzes. 

You see them floating around social media all the time. And BuzzFeed is the worst offender! I mean, how could I resist quizzes with titles like; "What Kind Of Bread Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?" (Croissant) or "What Percent Book-Obsessed Are You?" (91%). They are always ridiculous, but I always have so much fun with them.

So of course when I saw the Universal Fandom Quiz, I had to try it. 

The Fandom Identification Card

When you click the banner on the website page, you will get the option to answer 50 or 20 questions. Because I was curious, I chose the 50. 

Per usual, you're guided through a series of questions. Some were pretty bland, like "Which of these three things would you strive to protect first, if all three were in danger?"

But others were more fun! Like this one: "During the course of a bright, sunny afternoon, you happen to stumble upon a pond where the rays of sunlight reflect incandescently in the water. Then you notice some fish behaving strangely, and to your utter surprise, they start talking to each other in English! Do you:"

At the end, you will be prompted to enter your name, which will appear on the card. On the next page, you will receive your fandom card. 

My Fandom Identification Card

fandom identification card

I'm not sure exactly how I feel about some of these results. Some I don't understand just yet because I haven't red the books/watched the tv shows. The Harry Potter result is perfect, I am definitely a Hufflepuff (get sorted into your house at!). 

I think this card will be fun to reflect back on after I have caught up on my reading. 😃

Click here to take the Universal Fandom Quiz.

Thanks for reading!
If you have taken the quiz to get your fandom card, what did you think about your results?


  1. For mine, I think I got Ravenclaw for HP although I've officially been sorted into Hufflepuff. :)

    1. Oh darn! It's a bummer this one didn't line up. That would have been awesome!