Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Reading Goals

2017 reading goals

For the past two years, I have done reading challenges that I either found online or created with a friend (2016 Restricted Section Reading Challenge). Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved these challenges! I love that they get me reading all kinds of genres from authors I may not have found otherwise. And I would love to do more challenges sometime in the future.

However, I'm a major to-do list kind of person. When I make a to-do list, I always rush to complete it. So having a list of reading prompts sitting there made me a bit anxious... I found that I was rushing to complete the list and I was pushing through books just because they fit the prompt rather than really enjoying them.

So this year I am taking a break from the specific prompt challenges and doing something a little different.

My Reading Goals For 2017

Read all of the ebooks on my Kindle.

I currently have 81 books on my kindle. The majority of which I'm pretty sure I got for free. So this will be interesting! This is my reading buddy's goal as well, so we went through our kindle book lists together and marked the ones that we both have. I'm very excited to start reading these!

Complete multiple TBR takedowns.

My TBR plies are getting out of control. I have 16 or so physical books on my shelves that I've been trying to get to for months. I have a stack of 7 library books. Then I have 447 books in my to-read shelf on goodreads... There's no way I can get all of those read, but I'd like to finally get to the books that I've been trying to get to for a while now.

Complete a series my boyfriend and I own. 

We currently own a couple that I've been trying to get to... One is the Lord of the Rings, and the other is Game of Thrones. Then I recently treated myself to the beautiful Barnes and Noble hardcover copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. I'm not sure which series I will choose just yet though. Maybe I will be lucky and have time for all three!

Stop being so stubborn about DNFing.

As said in a previous post, I have a really hard time DNFing books. This past year I found myself getting angry because I was so stubborn about pushing through to finish a book. I don't want to feel the same way in 2017. If I'm not liking a book for whatever reason, I want to be okay with putting it down.

Thanks for reading!
I'd love to hear what your reading goals are for 2017! Feel free to link to your blog post or youtube resolution video in the comments below, or comment with a few of your goals.

Happy 2017!

cheers to 2017

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